Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice and the Spirit

A man's spirit often drifts aimlessly like a paper bag in the wind. It goes forward one time but when the winds shift it blows back the next time. If he's lucky, he finds a partner who senses his spirit is adrift and sets it on a course with them. Usually someone finds him attractive but they don't know why. Chances are a prospective partner might not see a man's spirit and cannot help it. But there may be someone who can.

Holly was such a person. Maybe it was from her part Ohlone Indian background that she could read a persons spirit, or it was her acute sensitivity to people's emotions. She had been thinking about Dave before he called her that morning. He didn't seem to have a purpose other than to come over and hang out with her.

"You can help me gather fresh pine needles for our Solstice rite", she suggested. He warmed to her but hesitated to ask for more detail. They agreed on a time to meet at her house that afternoon.

They went into the Presidio, the former army base turned into a national park. They walked under a  large stand of tall pine trees.  Holly and Dave collected fresh branches of needles in their shoulder bags. Pagans used greenery to welcome the new year. 

When they reached a bluff that looked out on the Golden Gate they stopped. The sun was setting in it's southernmost position of the horizon. The famous bridge was beginning to glow an orange-gold. He turned toward Holly, her cheeks were glowing a warm red from the brisk walk up the hill. He moved toward her and took her in his arms and kissed her.

A kiss was his way of telling her something when he was a loss for words. She sensed his mood.

She advanced the next kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Yes, she was a "shameless whore", living with one young guy, her Tom, and flirting with an even younger guy. Dave liked her advances. He opened his mouth and sucked her tongue slightly, suggesting to her what he would like to do with her tender little pussy.

She caught his thoughts and became more curious. "Well," she broke away as she looked into his eyes, "are you up for it?"

"Yes," he said as they sat on a log and looked out toward the sunset. He fell silent.

"You want to tell me something?" she asked.

He lifted his hooded sweatshirt and the teeshirt underneath. "Check this out" he pointed toward the emblem. It was a small triskelion that had been cell-popped onto his thigh.

"How'd you get that? Was it Mary? Or, Jane?" Holly inquired. She knew someone had inserted the hundreds of needle jabs deep to his skin, burning his skin with searing little holes in the image of the BDSM icon.

"It was Em, the Fire Witch," he told her as if she knew the Domme that he had recently taken up with. San Francisco is a small town and people get to know almost everyone in the BDSM community.

"Is she a Witch with a coven?" Holly asked.

"Not sure," Dave replied. "She's called the Fire Witch because of her skills in fire play. I've been trying to figure out if she's Wiccan".

"And you like her?" Holly asked.

"Yes, much, " he replied. She looked at his expression and sensed his passion. She also noticed his confusion, his being adrift since Jane released him.

Although he was not much of a Witch, he sensed her recognition of his state. "But I want to stay with the Coven".

"We're not thinking of replacing you," she joked. "Are you joining us in the Solstice rite tonight?"

"Will you have me?" His plaintive voice did not disguise how much he wanted to be accepted by the Coven, to be given a new chance. He knew how the  members felt about singles, how unattached members broke the neutralized symmetry that the group preferred. Still, it wasn't entirely his fault that Jane left  him to go with a more attractive guy closer to her age. Although he hadn't attended any Pagan rituals since the summer Solstice, he had been with the other couples, Eric and Sara, Lisa and Goeff and Tom and her.

Holly would be pressed to argue that she didn't enjoy the many evenings Dave had been with Tom and her, how she delighted in beating her "boys" and having them service her in bed for the rest of the night. "You should come with us tonight," she said. "We'll have a surprise for you."

They walked back in the twilight toward the warm glow of the lights in the windows of the houses that lined the edge of the park. Holly had been Dave's "first" . She had introduced him to BDSM practices slowly, getting him to acknowledge his fantasies about being dominated and building up his trust in her. She began with one of his hands tied to a post as she tickled him. Then both hands were tied with some light flogging. Eventually he accepted being bound completely to her cross, table or horse as she inflicted pain on his body.

As they walked she learned more about Emerald and how Dave was hesitant to introduce her into the Coven until all the other members had approved. There would be questions about Jane and her roommate, Mary. And what was Dave doing with these women. Questions that Holly did not want to think about because she hoped that the group would continue to accept Dave.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pagan Solstice - Coven Rite

Winter Solstice approaches in a day or so. Many Pagans do some kind of ritual that may be personal/public. I was taken in by a Wiccan Coven after rejection by my "Christian" family (who kicked me out of their home). I agree with many of their beliefs, particularly the Rede which says: "do no harm" and the attunement to the earth. I would like to become more involved but because of my "Christian" heritage and my gun-shy fear of religion, I am hesitant and have doubts.

OK, maybe I'll never become a Witch (my year + 1 day from my initiation is almost up), or at least not a good one. But I do like the Coven and, in particular, their rituals. Solstice will be no exception.

This Solstice we will probably watch the sunset, make a fire at the beach if the weather allows (it is usually windy & foggy here in SF) and then return to Holly's dungeon. From here on I would describe our BDSM rituals, so for those who are squeamish about the topic, maybe proceed to the conclusion?

In this Coven the women are more connected to the Wicca and are considered the priestesses. Men could advance but the guys in this group (partners of the women) are like me: a bit too far from the first rung of the Wiccan ladder. We pay the price for being so daft; we are used as sacrifices to the Dieties.

The rites involve bondage, whipping (pain play), wax play with candles and ritual submission to our partners.

OK, if you're uptight about strange religious practices, or freaked out about the right-wing Evangelical Christian morality, you might want to bail on this post. I have more details of the rituals in my other blog ( .

Well, I have to leave this post for now but I will continue it after the Solstice ritual.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How Much Sex Can You Take - A reply to Dan Savage

"I'm a 20-year-old female college student living with my 23-year-old boyfriend. We've been dating for two years, and our sex life has always been awesome. My boyfriend has a high libido, so high that I can't always get him off when he wants it. He says I don't want to have sex with him, when we have sex probably four times a week and I'm totally happy to give him head, jerk him off, or take off my clothes for him any other time he asks. Whenever we sit down together, he's immediately horny and he gets cranky when I have to say no. Is this a ridiculously high libido? I try to be GGG, and he does the same for me, but I hate feeling guilty about not having sex with him constantly. I've started just telling him to masturbate to porn, and he does it willingly but usually whines a little first about how I "never" want to have sex. Totally false! My body just can't take it every day. What do I do?"

Most of the women I know can't take a good pounding more than this often unless they're pro. That's why it's good to have many  "friends with benefits".

Although Mr. Savage says that guys also can't take that much penetration,  I know men, including me, who can. Some guys get pumped that much (4 times) in a day. I sometimes get saddle-sore after a thorough thrashing from my "Daddy" Paul. Often we go all night at his parent's vineyard and then doze in the sun during the afternoon.

Mar, Ky & Me - a Kinky Threeway

Some people think a threesome is a threesome. Of course it's not. If you stop and think about it, there are many sexual possibilities. Ours is just one of them.

When I first started hooking up with Mar, she and her partner, Janie, would have me orally service them mostly. I didn't penetrate them as they preferred using a small dildo.

During one of the sessions I asked if I could suck the dildo after Jane inserted it in Mar's vag. They said, "sure" and seem delighted. I wasn't surprised because I had seen Mar lick the dildo after she used it in Jane's vag. The three of us are now "fluid-bonded" .

A few days later I was alone with Mar helping her in the kitchen. I was kissing her on the neck as she was stirring pots at the stove. She asked me to peel some carrots and place them on the table. When I finished she motioned me to sit under the table. She sat on the chair and hiked her shirt up. She told me to slip her panties off. I began caressing her thighs as she wriggle a bit.

"Are you hungry," she asked as she pushed my head away from her sex. I said I was starved. She opened her legs and placed some carrot strips on the chair before her. She reached down and widened her lips. She took one of the sticks and inserted it into her vag., swirled it around and slipped it in deeper. She took the carrot out and pointed it to my mouth.  "You can have an appetizer," she said.

I licked the carrot stick and began nibbling it. "Mmm", I said, "I love that sauce!"

She continued rubbing her mound with one hand, inserting more carrots with the other hand and feeding me.

So this was how Mar & I made out when we were alone in the kitchen.

The times when I did penetrate Mar's vag. she sucked me off before I ejaculated.  We would then kiss and she would share the ejaculation and her cum with me.

Ky & I often have sex together in his dorm room after classes. He gets excited when I tell him what I do with Mar. I told him that I'd really like to suck his cock after it had been in her. He seemed enthusiastic about the idea. I mentioned this to Mar and she said she would like to meet Ky.

Mar & I made small talk with Ky at the Student Union. The two of them seemed to get along. She asked if he had any pictures. Ky thumbs through the pics on his smartphone and shows her one he took of himself before a mirror with his cock bulging in his boxer briefs. She said, "Dave told me about something you and he would like to do."

"Yeah," he said, "I'm all for it."

"Well," she said, "I want to see what you two do first."

"OK" we agree.

So we arranged to hook up at Mar's later that day. The three of us stripped to our undies and did some petting on the couch.

"I want to watch Dave and you have sex " she said to Ky.

So I moved next to Ky and started kissing him as I squeezed his nipples. Mar sat on the chair across from us and began rubbing herself.

I started jerking Ky's cock as it became enormous and popped out of his shorts. He did the same to me. We slipped off our undies and laid on our sides on the couch, my mouth was at his cock and his mouth was at mine. We started sucking each other as Mar was rubing her vag. rapidly.

Ky and I edge each other. When he was about to come he pushes me back a little and I give hime time to recover. After a few of these cycles he can go a lot longer. He does the same to me.

Mar comes over to us. She mounts me and we start kissing while Ky mounts her from behind. Eventually he's ready to come so he pulls out of Mar and places his cock before us. We start licking as a heavy stream of his junk lands in our mouth.

"Dave, " Mar said, "It's your turn now".

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evening with Alice, pt. 2

My femdom relationships had been reprieved for a while until today when I met Alice. She came into the bar and we quickly revisited our mistress-slave relationship that lead to a thorough beating this afternoon. After that Alice and I returned to the bar. She arranged to stay with Mary and Sara for the night. I continued my tasks and avoided sitting down because butt and back felt like they were on fire from the thrashing I received from her. I was afrid to look in the mirror to see the many black and blue welts on my back and the bloodied breaks where the lashes of the whip had cut deep.

I was meek and compliant, even a bit quiet as I recalled how Alice inflicted her torrent of strokes on my back as I was tied to my bed. Mary and Sara noticed my reserve and they avoided discussing the obvious and chatted small talk with Alice, catching up on her whereabouts.

Alice spends most of her time in New York City as a freelance attorney but ocassionally comes here for work. She is rooming with an acquaintance at their flat in the South of Market arera, not far from the bar. I would have visited Alice more often but I didn't know she was back in town. She decided to come over to the bar to renew her friendship with Mary. I had started working at the bar regularly after Alice left and she was surprised to see me. I was honored that she chose me as her slave again even though I was smarting from the thorough beating she gives.

Pain is a feeling I don't usually like especially when it starts. Alice has a way of building a mild sensation into an intense feeling. Eventually my skin feels as if it is on fire with each stroke of the strap or whip and a jolt is sent through my nerves to other parts of my body and my brain. I enter into a trance after a while, a sensation where I hardly notice the strokes on my skin. I am briefly elevated as if I am suspended outside my body.

Most guys I meet prefer to top me because I am younger than they are and they don't entrust the SM experience to someone they assume is inexperienced. Truth is, I have become very experienced as a bottom and have done a lot of topping with guys younger than me like Kyle. I feel I could wield the whip or strap as well as any guy. Still there are pleasures from being on the bottom, even guilty ones. I think the bottom gets the better end of the deal; the top does all the work and receives little pleasure unless they are really into dishing out pain to willing bottoms.

And that's why Alice is so special to me. I'm convinced she enjoys whipping me. I notice her breathing becomes heavier, her voice lower while she is whipping and and it is not just from the exertion. She seems to be asking me "can you take more" with each stroke of the whip. She knows the subtle body language I use to tell her to "keep going, please!" even though I am squirming and wincing in pain with each stroke. She delights is seeing me agonize over each pending stroke of the whip, the anguish, the tears, the moaning cries.

When she thinks I've gone over the edge and am broken, she'll release me and hold me as I whimper, touching my welts softly. She'll say, "I really like how you suffer for me, Dave" and I immediately become grateful to her for what she has done to me. I wish I could repay her for all her effort to make me feel this way but I think my appreciation seems to satisfy her because she knows that she has done the right thing, even if others would tell her what we do is wrong or perverse. Alice feels happy that she has satisfied me. I thank her for what she has done despite the feeling of pain and the horrible welts and bruises that might last for days.

When she called me "slave" today I thanked her for the privelege of being her slave and ventured to calling her "mistress". She accepted the role. Our relationship was reborn and made deeper by this bond.

But tonight she would be with Mary and Sara and possibly not include me. The women prefer love from each other because it is softer than a man's love and there is no inherent dominance as many men have toward women. Alice is very skilled at lovemaking with women; she was Jane's "first" and Jane handed down the skills to Mary. Sara had been living with a guy and began exploring women love with Mary.

Mary had learned BDSM from Alice and Jane but had done little since she left Jane's, except with me. Every now and then Mary would come into my bed and ask me to tie her up and have rough sex. I had straps installed on the corners of my matress and my kit of restraints and implements of pain. I would tie her up and caress her body at first, gradually going rougher, probing her pussy walls while spanking her butt, biting her neck and nipples and fucking her slowly. She would try to recriprocate by tieing me up to the bed and strapping me. Somehow things didn't click when she did this and we would often break out into laughter.

I realized that Mary meant well but she was no mistress. I longed to go back to Jane and her dungeon but she put me off with every attempt because she wanted to be "faithful" to her new lover, Zev. I would go to my stepsister Kay for a session but she was often preoccupied with her fiance. I would go to clubs like the Citadel or the private parties some of the Society of Janus members held in their basement playrooms but I was often alone. Finally, out of desperation, I taught my Daddy, Paul, how to give me a sound strapping over his knee or on the arm of his couch. Eventually we installed a cross and eyehooks in his den and we have weekly sessions. Still he was not really into it because, he said, he liked me too much and BDSM wasn't his thing.

It was with this that I welcomed Alice back, if even for a short time. She could reach to inner depths of experience that no other person had done for me.
Mary and Sara were clearing the bar as Alice talked to them. At the last call the three women retreated upstairs to Sara's flat while I finished mopping the floor. I made a quick call to Em. She was with some clients and expected to be busy all night. "I'd really like to see you, Dave, but I can't tonight. Shall we take a rain check?"

"I miss you Em. Call you later!" I said. I wanted to tell her about Alice but this would not be the right time.

I locked up the bar and went upstairs. Alice was in Sara's bed with Mary on side and Sara on the other. The three women were snuggling and kissing.

"Dave, take off your clothes," Alice told me. I stripped before them in the dim candlelight. I felt the cool breeze from the window left open and smelled the incense and cinammon. "Kneel at the foot of the bed", she ordered. I knelt while she got up and went into my room. She returned with my toybag and pulled out the shackles and the hogtie. In minutes my wrists and ankles were tied behind my back. She found my collar and fastened it around my neck. She clicked the leash to one of the rings on the collar. She slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I could only hear the sounds the women were making as Alice rejoined them in the bed, the sounds of giggles and kisses. One of them moved forward and placed her legs around my head. She tugged on the leash and pulled my mouth to her pussy. I began licking the distinctive forms of the labia and eventually my tongue felt the protuding clit. The woman pulled me in as she wanted more licking and sucking and pushed me away to relieve herself from my tonguing while she stroked her mound. One by one the women came to me in this way, each time getting wetter than before. I tasted subtle differences between the cum of each one: one was tangy, one was sweet and one was bittersweet. I couldn't tell for sure because of the blindfold and the dim candle light but I could identify Sara's, Mary's and Alices' intimate areas. The women continued this round-robbin of pussylicking for some time, laughing and giggling as they each pulled on my leash or pushed me back and their pussies began to gush with cum. My head and shoulders eventually were covered with the musky odors of sweat and pussy drippings, a mixture of cum and spit was dribbling out of my mouth.

For the women it was a dream come true: their very own sex slave servicing them for as long as they wanted. But eventually they wanted more. Alice released the hogtie and led me on to the bed and secured my wrists and ankles to the straps on the sides of the matress. I was lying face up, bare-naked except for the blindfold. My cock was still erect and ready to explode. She attached a pair of nipple clamps to my tits and clipped them together with a chain.

"Slave," Alice said, "don't cum or I will beat you!"

Her command almost had the opposite effect ; I was on the edge or orgasm, ready to explode after eating out three women while in bondage for several hours .  But I held back. I guess my experience with tricks gave me enough strength to resist blowing my load. My reserve kept my erection strong for what happened next. The women mounted me and fucked cowgirl style. They yanked on my nipple clamps and as I howled in pain, they yelped. One of them said, "ride 'em, cowgirl!" When they finished riding my cock they straddled my face and let me suck the pussy juice from them.

At last when they were satisfied, Alice directed Mary to straddle me. She pulled out a crop and smacked me on my chest and nipples. The intensity of the pain made me explode in orgasm while Mary rode me frantically.

The untied me and we continued cuddling and kissing as Alice showed the women my welts from the beating she dispensed earlier. Mary and Sara moved their fingers over the bruises and felt the ridges of the welts on my skin. Alice said, "Dave really likes this, don't you Dave?"

"yes," I replied to her.

"Yes?" she implored.

"yes, mistress" I said before the other women. Now they understood my special relationsdhip to Alice, how I would be bound to her at least for now.

"I'm happy that you found Alice, Dave", Mary said later.

"I'm hoping it will last this time," I said.

Monday, November 14, 2011

can't always tell a book by its cover

You can't always tell a book by its cover. I live a double life. There is the alternative lifestyle with its sexually positive activity that I live with my close friends . Then there is the world of work where everything is mostly "straight". I don't let my coworkers know what I do at the bar at night. And then there is college. I go to a  prestigious college that is a finishing school for the wealthy elite. Students flaunt their wealth with their luxury cars, expensive clothes and electronic gadgets and talk about vacations on exotic islands. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I hang out with the jocks. Most jocks come from more humbler circumstances and are here on scholarship. Like me they bike to school or drive older beat-up cars and live with several roomates in the cramped apartments off campus. The school needs top athletes to compete in sports to obtain huge endowments from the wealthy alumni.

I enjoy watching the trim guys run around the track, lift weights in the fitness center or swim laps in the pool. Although I'm a graduate student here, many of my athlete friends are underclassmen, usually juniors or seniors and only a few years younger than me. I help them out with their studies and in return we share some beers while we watch the other athletes practice. I met Nick and Darrel at the bleachers at a track event. Two tall guys, one blonde and the other dark haired, their muscled abs rippled underneath their track uniforms and their huge thighs bulging out of their shorts. Darrel and Nick were training for javelin, discus, shotput and hammer throwing.

One evening I told them about a band that was playing at the bar. "Dude, that band's cool. Can you get us in?" Darrel asked. He assumed that the show was sold out by now.

"We don't sell tickets. It's first come, first served at the door, " I explained. "I can still get you in if you ask for me when you get there."

"Neat", Nick said, "we'll be going to a track event in the City Sunday so maybe we can make the Saturday show!"

"Great," I said, "be there before 6:30."

The track event was winding down and we retreated to the showers. I had showered earlier after swim practice but  wanted to cool off from the hot afternoon.  I might catch a glimpse of my friends naked. Until now I had only seen Nick's enormous package bulge prominently in his tight shorts, and the furrows in Darrel's jersey from his muscled abs .

In the shower, I confirmed that Nick had a huge, thick cock and large balls. Darrel's was almost as large. I was in a corner opposite them. They started to soap their bodies and moved the white foam over their semi-erect cocks. I did the same and saw them cruising me out of the corner of my sight. Nick and Darrel exchanged some small talk about the track meet and continued soaping the rest of their bodies.

In the locker room Nick and Darrel took their time drying themselves off, bending over before each other and toweling the water off their muscled quads and perfectly rounded butts. They wrapped the towels around their waists,  stood before the floor-length mirrors and applied deodorant under their arms while tightening their pecs and preening. Their chiseled abs glistened in the harsh light of the locker room.

I thought if this was a fitness club in the City, it would be obvious what these guys were up to. But we were here in sleepy Palo Alto and maybe Nick and Darrel were just two horny guys flexing and checking out their muscles, hoping to date some "hot chicks" later that evening.
Nick and Darrel are like most of my college friends. Friendly but probably straight. Unaware of how atractive they are, they talk about "hot babes" and crack jokes about gays. They often repeat the motto: "Bro, no homo"  and joke about "scoring" some women on campus. If they don't find a girl they'll consider going to the City to a "dive" bar like mine and hope to find the  "looser" women. Usually  they'll order a few drinks, take in the show and disappear into the neighborhood looking to score.

When my college friends see me at the bar I'll introduce them to Mary & Sara as "my roommates". They will eventually notice the two women touching and kissing. Then they'll ask me: "what's it like living with your roomates?"  I usually defer answering them directly because I assume they're straight or at least unfamiliar with our  alternative lifestyle. Besides, it usually takes too much time to bring them up to speed in a noisy bar.

"They're cool," I shrug. If they press me for more I remind them that I work for the two women. This usually stops their probing. They assume I'm living with a couple of "lesbians".

This evening Nick and Darrel arrived early as I suggested and I let them in the back door.   I brought their beers and had small talk with them.

"Do you know those guys you just served?" Mary asked me after glancing at the two tall athletic guys.

"Yeah, that's Darrel and Nick", I answered, "they're juniors at my school".

"Are they..." Mary pressed.

"Into threesomes?" I answered finishing her question. "Naw, I think they're just straight ." Straight for us is a codeword that means they're not into kink. A lot of guys say they are "heteroflexible" lately. In practice it means that they prefer sex with women but don't mind the occasional blowjob from a guy, especially if they are "forced" into it at a drunken orgy.

"But if you'd like ", I said to Mary, "I'll introduce you to them." Mary is often interested in younger college guys, especially jocks. It doesn't matter if they are gay or straight or something in between, Mary likes to flirt with men and she gets a rise out of them when they seem interested in her.

Mary and I went to their table and exchanged names. She sat with them and I returned to the bar. She took her shoes off and placed her feet in their laps. The guys seem to get a rise out of Mary's seductive footwork. They talked a little longer and then Mary lead them upstairs to her apartment.

The band was hot tonight. A crowd of people arrived as soon as they began to play. When the band finished their first set the bar was swamped.  Sara and I could barely keep up with drink orders.

When the band finished their break and started tuning up for the next set Mary came back following Darrel and Nick. "So how'd it go?" I asked her.

"Best fuck I ever had," she whispered to me.

I brought drinks to Darrel and Nick. "What's up, guys?"

"Mary asked us to stick around and meet up when the bar closes," Nick said.

"Are you going to?"

"Yeah, she's cool" said Darrel.

Mary was chatting with Sara in the meantime. "Dave, introduce Sara to your friends." I took Sara over to them and went back to the bar. Soon I noticed the guys were chatting amiably with her. Sara is usually reserved with strangers but now she was laughing with them. I figured the three closed the deal.

When the band finished their last set Sara flicked the lights for last call. The patrons trickled out and the band packed up their instruments. Darrel and Nick went to the bar and talked with Mary and Sara as they were cleaning up. The four walked past me as I started to mop the floor.

"Dave, we're going upstairs, " Mary said, "would you close up?"

"Sure", I asked her, "where will I sleep tonight?"

"With us, silly", she replied. The four went upstairs to Sara's flat.

I finished mopping the floor and closed the bar. I could see candle lights and hear laughter in Sara's bedroom. Sara has the larger of the two bedrooms in the flat with a "California King" size matress that could hold four comfortably. Nick & Darrel were under the covers cuddling and  kissing Mary and Sara.

"Come on in," said Mary. "I want you to show Darrel and Nick how we do a threesome".

I slipped off my clothes. Mary got up on all fours and straddled Nick and stuck her butt toward the edge of the bed. Nick's cock became stiff as she started sucking it.  I lubed my cock and started fucking Mary from behind.

Darrel had a look of surprise on his face as he watched Mary, Nick and I. Before he had time to consider our lovemaking, Sara straddled him and lowered herself onto his face as she began sucking his cock.

Mary said to me, "Let me know when you're going to come." When I was about to come, I let her know and pulled my cock out of Mary's pussy. "Suck Dave's cock," Mary said to Nick. I moved toward Nick and straddled his chest. I swung my hard cock toward his mouth. His lips parted. I aimed my cock toward the opening and advanced it forward. He stuck his tongue out and began licking the mix of Mary's pussy juice and my pre-cum. He started sucking the head of my cock like a lollipop. I pushed my cock further into his mouth until I hit the back of his throat. I paused and told him to stick his tongue under my dick and breathe slowly. He gagged a little but eventually he opened up.I thrust my cock all the way into his throat. I noticed how my dick puffed his cheek out with it's mouthful of meat . I began pumping slowly.

For a straight guy, Nick was quite good at cock sucking. During the evening each one of us fucked the women and sucked their pussy juice off each other's cocks.

By dawn we had fucked and sucked each other several times.

At dawn Nick shook Darrel, "Dude we got to go to that track meet!". Mary was in the kitchen cooking and Sara was asleep. I laid quiet with my eyes closed hoping to catch another hour's shuteye.

"Man, " Darrel whispered to Nick, "that was some night. "

"Yeah.," Nick agreed, "those girls were cool. I didn't know Dave was bi, did you?"

"Naw," he agreed, "never noticed it. I guess he likes pussy as much as we do, tho!"

Mary was working in the kitchen on her daily preparation of food for the bar. Darrel and Nick were preparing to go to a sport event in the City. As they were getting ready Mary asked them, "are you guys coming back tonight?"

"Would you like us to?" asked Darrel.

"Yeah, for sure, " Mary replied enthusiastically. She didn't know if Sara would like to see them but she knew what she liked and guessed I'd like it too.

"Yeah, we'll be back!", Nick replied quickly.

"For sure," Darrel's enthusiasticly agreed.

After they left, I asked Mary what she thought. "Those guys were great. Maybe we'll show them some kink tonight?"

"Maybe I'll show them how I tie you up and use the flogger?"

"Yeah, " she  said, "maybe we can tie them up, too?"

Sara came in to the kitchen and asked, "did you invite those guys back?"

"Oh, yeah, " Mary replied, "they'll be back tonight!"

"Cool," she replied as she sipped her coffee.

If the guys return and joins us in kink, my assumption that they were too "straight" was wrong. Of course, they could have second thoughts and not return. And if I saw them on campus we could pretend this evening never happened.

My thoughts were interrupted by the call from Nick. "Dave, " he started, "is that band playing again tonight?"

"Yeah, " I replied to the voice, "they start at 7"

"And will Mary and Sara be there?"

"Yes," I answered, "they're expecting you."

"Cool, " the voice replied, "we'll be over."

Gift from Jane?

After you've been in the same place for a while you begin to accumulate friends who come by from time to time. My "place" is the bar where I've been working for the past few years. I see at least one of my "friends with benefits" ,  tricks or clients. They are usually guys who want a quicky in the back room of the bar for friendship or the money they pay me. The women I know prefer Mary who will go upstairs with them for an hour or two. If it's close to closing they will let me join them after I close the bar for a cozy threesome or foursome.
Alice, a friend of Jane's, came by this evening. I thought she would prefer Mary like the other women but Mary was busy with customers at the bar. I asked Mary if I should serve Alice and she replied, "sure, go ahead".
When Jane and I were in a mistress-slave relationship, Jane was reluctant to beat me because we had been friends before. For severe beatings she called on her ex-mistress Alice to perform. Alice was quite adept at wielding the floggers, straps, whips and canes and had a sensitivity to how guys liked to experience pain.

I glanced at Alice from the bar. She was wearing tall boots, fishnets, a tight black dress and a leather jacket. She made up in the Goth look with magenta streaks in her white hair and deep blood-red lipstick. I remembered the many nights with Alice cracking the whip on my body as it was secured to the cross in Jane's dungeon. I felt my cock stiffen.
"Good evening ma'am", I said with in a broken cadence that revealed that I was afraid of her, "what will you be having?"
"Hello Dave," she said, making eye contact, "long time no see!" she said warmly. I felt like dropping to my knees and humbling myself before her but I had to treat her like a patron in the bar. "Bring me my usual".
Patrons who don't come here often may not realize that I don't remember that much about what they order. I usually size them up and make a guess. If it's a guy it's beer. If it's a woman, it's wine.

"Would you like white or red wine this evening?" I asked her to get a clue.

"I prefer a chardonay, if you have one." She made eye contact with me again, "So how have you been?" she asked with an emphasis.

"I'm OK, " I said automatically, covering my fear of her. "I'll get your drink". I returned to the bar and found a bottle in the cooler.

My hand was shaking as I poured the drink. Mary saw this and came over to me.   "Well, how is Alice?" she inquired.

"She's OK, I guess, " I stammered, "what should I do?" I wanted her opinion. Mary knew about the torture sessions that Jane had arranged.

"Just see what she wants and follow your instincts, Dave", she counseled me.

I brought the drink to Alice. "You haven't contacted me in a long time, " she opened, glancing at me sternly. She was testing my submissiveness.

"No, ma'am, I have not contacted you," I said. Actually the only way Alice prefered to see me was when it was arranged by Jane, although she did give me her personal number after one of the last sessions. "I'm sorry".

"You disappoint me, Dave, " Alice replied with that stern look, "do you understand that?"

"Yes I do, ma'am", I replied with a tremble in my voice I was sure she could pick up on. I cast my eyes downward.

"Do you know how bad you've been?", she demanded.

"I've been very bad, ma'am" I whispered. We engaged in the mistress and slave dialog we used during the sessions.

"And where are you staying?", she demanded.

"I have a room above the bar," I said meekly.

Alice read my face that had become flush with embarassment as my hard-on was pushing out from my jeans.  She rolled her eyes upward. I got the signal. We headed toward my room.

My room is too small for a dungeon. The bed takes up most of the floor space. There are straps connected to the corners of the matress where shackles can be attached with chains and clamps. My toybag has a mimumal number of straps, floggers, whips and a short cane, rope, clamps and other restraining devices. I pulled the toybag out from under the bed and opened it up for Alice to examine.

"Take off your clothes, " she commanded. I stripped. She ordered me to slip off her boots. She hiked her skirt up and sat at the edge of the bed. "Kiss me here," she pointed to her thighs.

I began caressing her above the ridge of her stockings to the edge of her panties. She placed her hand on her mound and fabric became damp.

"Lick me," she ordered. I continued kissing the sheer fabric as she rubbed her mound. The slight musky oder of her reminded me of previous sessions. I could hear her moan softly as her breathing became heavy. A trickle of cum flowed onto her thigh.

"Lick it!", she said. I eagerly licked the tangy, sweet-sour liquid and remembered how she tasted again. My dick was about to explode but I held my cum.

"Get up on the bed", she commanded. I laid face down on the bed. Alice secured my shackles to the corner straps. She started with the flogger warming my back and butt. The strokes were rythmic, keeping in sync to the music that was coming from the bar. I felt a warming sensation on my skin. Eventually she switched to the strap and the blows became harder. I began to feel a steady pain and started to whimper a little. She started with the single-tail and the blows gave me sharp jolts.

"Ow!" I cried as I flinched with each blow of the whip.  My breathing was becomming irregular.

"Take a deep breath, " she said, " and breathe slowly".

I followed her directions and began to ease up. I felt a warming sensation throughout my body. I felt like I was hovering above my physical body, relaxed and detached.

I began to feel like my body was being sliced apart by the sharp blows of the small cane Alice applied to tiny areas on my butt. She would rest the cane on the place where she intended it to land and snap it back. I felt less of the pain and more euphoric with each blow.

Although time passed, I was unaware how long Alice's torment was going on. At some point the cane was hitting areas that were already sore from previous lashings and the pain became intense. I screamed loudly and broke into tears, sobbing. Alice paused and dug her fingernails into my broken skin. My body went limp with the searing pain. Alice continued thrashing me with the flogger. The softer blows didn't hurt as much as the cane or whip but keep my skin warm. I could have gone on like this for the entire evening.

Alice stopped beating me and released me. "Put my boots on, slave" she ordered. This was the first time she addressed me as her slave this evening. I felt grateful that the beating was over and appreciated that she considered me her slave. I knelt before her and slid the boots on her feet.

"You will remember to call me every day", she commanded.

"Yes, mistress", I hoped she would allow me to call her mistress.

"Good boy," she said as she stood up and left the room.

When I returned to the bar Alice was at another table chatting with some patrons. Mary came up to me. "So how did it go?" she asked.

"It went better than I expected", I replied.

"Good to hear, " Mary continued, "Alice is going to spend the evening with us!"

"OK," I said, not sure of what would happen this evening but accepting anything Mary told me.

I caught up with my work at the bar. I turned my cell on. A text message from Jane was waiting. "TTYL8TR-XXX". Jane hadn't called or texted me in a long time. Usually I called Jane and sometimes would meet her at the Galleria after work where she would put me off with: "I'm still seeing Zev," or "I'm real busy lately". I was psyched and apprehensive that Jane texted me for once. What did this mean. Was she trying to get together with me? Did she know about my session with Alice? What should I do this evening?  I remembered Mary's advice: "follow your instincts".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sailing to Cock Island

I liked to watch Kenny when he practiced on the track. He was a tall guy with a natural athletic build, slim waist, profiled hips, defined abs and a small tight butt. Occasionally I would finish swim practice and check him out in the locker room. I thought I saw him checking me out in the shower but I couldn't be sure. In our town guys snapped towels at each other and used words like "gay" and "fag" to show their contempt for anyone who wasn't 'manly' enough - " A  cowboy should never squat with his spurs on".

Ken was in the library muttering some curse like "dang" and knotting his sandy brown hair that partially hid the large scar on his face. I was volunteering shelving books and went to him. "Need help", I asked.

"It's algebra, " he replied exasperated, "I can't solve these equations."

"Do you mind if I take a look?" He let me glance at the printed assignment. I showed him how to solve the first equation.

"Thanks guy," he said, "do you work here? Do I owe you anything?"

"I'm just a volunteer," I said, "You don't owe me anything." I was eager to make friends with him.

"Since you showed me how to do the first one, I'll try on my own, but thanks," he said with a slight smile. I returned the smile and pushed the cart toward the shelves.

"Dude", he said, "I'm Kenny. What's your name?"

"I'm Dave"

"You a sophmore?"


"Dude, " he said, "you're pretty smart" in an effort to compliment me.

"Naw, " I said, "It's no big thing. You go out for track?"

"Yeah," he said, "and you?"

"I'm in the swim team".

"Cool. Well, I'm gonna work on these problems. You want to hang out when you get off?" he asked.

"I'll be finished in half hour. If you don't see me, you might ask the librarian to page me, ok?" I wanted him to know I'd be around for him.

"Ok, sure, " he said with some interest, "I'll look for you. Thanks again!"

He found me and suggested we go to the stands and watch the football team practice. He retrieved his books from the hall locker. We shared a bottle of wine he brought in a paper bag while we watched the team practice.

I helped him with his homework when he came to the library after classes. When he was younger, I pot of boiling water exploded and burned part of his face. Some kids thought he was a freak. Girls would avoid him.

He was good at shop and I was good at academics. I helped him with his algebra and he showed me how to fix my bike.We developed a friendship over our common interests. I was attracted to his athletic body. I glanced at him when he walked in front of me, his tight jeans displaying a perfect butt. I liked how his biceps bulged out of his tank top and the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He was a little older than me and I admired what I thought was a perfect body.

In the summer many kids went to camps at the nearby lakes. I stayed home because my widowed mother couldn't afford to send me to any of them. One of the local clubs provided funding for kids who worked part time to go to camp. I was a junior lifeguard watching toddlers at the shallow end of the lake. Kenny also got into the program. He worked in the boathouse repairing boats.
When the kids were done with their swim I would go over to the boathouse and hang out with Kenny. The supervisor sent us out in a two-seater sailboat to gather the lane lines and any stuff that the kids left at the raft in the lake.
One warm evening we were changing into our swimsuits in the storage area. Kenny pulled down his shorts when his long cock popped out and jutted upward. I had never seen an erection on another guy before. I was excited to see his cock point upward between his slim hips and flat stomach. I felt my cock get hard as I slipped my swim trunks on underneath a towel.  After we collected the lane ropes, we sailed past the raft and to a small island on the lake. No one knew what the name of the island was, or if in fact it was more than a temporary sandbar with a riparian growth of tall shrubs. The water around the shore was very shallow and only small boats like ours could pull into the island. We pulled our sailboat onto shore and tied it to one of the tall bushes. We sat on a small sand mound and tossed pebbles into the lake.

Kenny turned to me and said, "you wanna jack off?"

I didn't want to sound like I didn't know what he was talking about and answered, "sure".

Kenny pushed his swimsuit to his knees and began stroking his cock. When it became erect, he began pounding faster.

I imitated Kenny's movements as I watched him.  In minutes some white stuff squirted out of his cock on his stomach. "Oooh yeah", he said.

Although I tried stroking my cock furiously, I wasn't as successful as Kenny.

"Dude," he said, "did you ever cum before?"

"No," I said shyly.

"Look," he turned toward me, "you hold your cock like this." He showed me how he clutched his fingers just below the cockhead. "Now push the head up and jag your balls like this." He was now jerking off again.

I eventually got a small spurt of cum out of my cock.

"Did you ever taste cum, " he asked. He placed a finger on the small drip that was dribbling down the side of my deflated cock and touched it to his lips.

"What does it taste like, " I asked.

"It's good. Wanna try some?" he asked.

I nodded and dipped my finger into the pool of cum that was spalttered on his belly. It was sticky and tasted salty with a little sweet tanginess. "Cool," I said.

"More?" he asked.

"Sure," I said as I bent over toward him and began licking the sticky gobs off his skin. He pushed me down toward his now hardened cock with a cum slick on its cock-head.

"Lick it", he whispered.

I stuck my tongue out and wrapped it around his cock-head and  licked the cum from it.

"Kiss it," he said. I kissed his hard tip.

"Now suck it." I opened my mouth and took in a few inches of his dick. His skin tasted like parmesan chicken with a salty covering. He jerked his cock and in short order a load of cum shot into my mouth.

I wasn't sure if I liked sucking cock or tasting a guy's cum but I was turned on to Kenny's great looking body. He bent over and started to suck my cock.

"You know what we should call this place?" he looked up to me, "Cock Island!"
We sailed to Cock Island almost every evening.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd love to watch

"I'd love to watch you have sex with my bf." Her fingers tapped my wrist.

"I'll do it if you join us". I looked at her surprised expression.

"Um, well," she hedged, not expecting my proposition.

"You talk it over." I wrote my number on her receipt and took the tray of empty glasses to the bar.

Her bf returned to the table. They talked as if they were arguing but I couldn't make out their conversation over the din. He glanced at me a couple of times as I was filling drink orders. He looked like a college jock who had covered his arms and neck with fresh tats. She was hauntingly pretty, like a goth model for an exotic perfume. They were trying to agree on how to pick up a willing sextoy.

I went to the back room. He followed me and stood in the doorway. I walked over to him. "I'm Dave".

"I'm Mark," he stammered.

"Step into the room." I tapped his shoulder and pulled the door closed. I moved closer to him and looked at his shy expression. I tugged him by the neck. He parted his lips. I kissed him lightly. His eyes were closed. I kissed him again, with a little more force. My tongue found its way into his mouth.

He sighed a low "mmm". My hand went down to his crotch. I could feel his cock pressing up against his pants.

This was too easy for what I thought was a straight guy. If he was bi like me we'd have our clothes off by now and one of us would be going down on the other. "We have to talk." I pulled back.

"OK" . He was reticent to say more. "What about?"

"Your gf wants me to make out with you, you know?" I said. "What do you want?"

"I want to suck your cock". He whispered.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"I want you to fuck me", he said slowly.

Way too easy, I thought, something's not right about this. Normally I wouldn't turn down an open threesome with a hot couple but I had to figure out what they both wanted.  "I'm off in about an hour, can we meet somewhere?"

"Liz has your number", he said, "we'll call you".

Yeah, sure . Game's over. You can go with your tail between your legs. I opened the door. He stepped out when I opened the door. I loaded some cases of beer on the dolly and wheeled it to the bar. They were gone. This wouldn't be the first come-on I'd have. Usually patrons get drunk and start saying ridiculous things they'd later regret when sober. I usually forget what I hear at the bar and move on. I was hoping I'd get a call from one of my regular clients before closing time. My phone rings. "It's Mark," the voice said shyly, "we met at the bar this evening."

"You're the guy with Liz?" I asked to be sure of who it was.

"Yeah", he answered, "we'd like you to come over for drinks tonight."

"Is that all?" I asked. Asking a bartender over for drinks is not much of an invitation.

"We'd...I'd like you to come over and do what we talked about." He wouldn't say that he was inviting me for a hard pounding.

"Is Liz on board with this?" I asked. Usually heterosexual couples have conditions and reservations.

"Yeah, she is. She wants to watch." Mark answered.

"I told her she would have to participate, not watch." I said.

"Oh," he paused, "hold on". I could hear him talking to Liz. If she refuses, then he can trick with me at the bar while I'm cleaning up.

"OK", he spoke into the phone, "she's in".

"By in I take that to mean she has no restrictions?" I asked. I figured they would have some limits and this was a way to figure out what they were.

"Safe Sex, no barebacking", he replied.

"BDSM?" I asked.

"Um, " he stammered, "we do light kink. No pain, watersports, stuff like that".

"Do you have toys?" This was a way to get more specifics.

"We have hand and wrist cuffs, some rope, vibrator..." he paused, "things like that".

"I'll bring my toybag," I answered.

I did my boy-toy cleanup  (enema, shave, shower), added some toys, condoms & a change of clothes in my duffel bag and went to the address Mark gave me. They were in one of the higher floors in a feature-less apartment, almost like an office. Mark showed me in. He explained this was a company apartment for when Liz does her Art Director job in the area. He is her PA.

Mark went into the kitchen to make some drinks. I sat on the couch with Liz and she explained their relationship.  "I hired him for the PA job a few years ago," she explained. "It's a regular job but he accompanies me to wherever I travel and is with me all the time."

"So, " I was slightly curious, "it's just business between you and Mark?"

"No", she answered with a show of pride, "he's my slave, you understand?"

"Yes," I replied even more curious, "I think so."

"He subs to me completely in the bedroom. When we're out in public,  he sets my schedule and takes me places."

"So," I tried to get her to the point, "what do you want from me?"

"I want him to experience forced-bi. He's accepted strap-on and a dildo down his throat." She looked at my expression to see if I would not approve. I smiled. "Now I want him to have the real thing."

Mark, now stripped to his boxer shorts, returned with drinks. He knelt facing Liz's boots. "Lick them," she directed him. He began kissing her boots. After a few minutes, she pulled him up by his ears. She placed a leather collar around his neck and tightened the buckle. She atatched a leash to the collar. "Hands", she ordered him. He stretched his arms toward her and she tightened leather shackles to his wrists.

"Put these on your feet", she handed him the ankle cuffs. He secured them. She tugged on the leash, "Kneel" she commanded him,  "hands behind your back".  She used the small hogtie chain set to secure his wrists to his ankles. She pulled a purple dildo out and said, "open". He opened his mouth and she slid the device into his throat.

"You see, " she turned to me, "he's a good cocksucker!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's 2 AM - do you know where your baby is?

I was attracted to the older goth woman who sat at the table near the bar. She wore a wig with fake orange-red extensions that  framed an angular face, magenta lip  gloss, dark eye-shadow, a chain around her neck.  She wore a full length leather coat and when she opened the zipper she was wearing thigh-high platform boots, fishnet stockings, a leather mini-skirt, a black lace-up bodice and a red velvet blouse. I was distracted by her as I rinsed off glasses behind the bar.  I felt uncomfortably attracted to her and had to turn away to keep from staring.
Maybe it was the wildly colored  hairpiece or her dommish clothes that threw me off balance. I avoided her table because I was afraid and ashamed.   When I passed near her I felt sharp fingernails claw into my leg. "Boy," she looked up at me with her deep green eyes, "serve me!"  she commanded.

"Yes," I said as I glanced down and away from her and whispered nervously,  "'am". I didn't want her to know that I was attracted to her. I learned from the bartenders that her name was Emerald and that she was a regular on weekday evenings. She was also known as the "Fire Witch" because of her skills at fire play.

When I came back with the drink a man was sitting across from Emerald.  He wore a silvery leather-studded jacket. His head was shaved except for a bright red mohawk . She ordered another apple juice in a tall glass with no ice. I returned with the second drink and slipped as I leaned over to serve the man. The drink spilled on the table and dripped on the floor. I apologized to them and mopped up the juice from the table. I knelt before her and wiped the juice off her boots.

Emerald looked down at me and said, "nice boy!" I offered to bring another drink to her and she said, "no, you don't have to. We just want the glass." I left the empty glass with them and returned to the bar.

I went into the store room to retrieve more cases of beer and noticed Emerald go into the ladies restroom with the empty glass. She came out carrying the glass filled with an amber liquid.  The mohawk guy sipped the liquid from the glass, paid the bill and left.

When the bar is busy I usually expect customers to wave me for table service.  I asked Mary if I should serve Emerald.  "I've been watching you look at her. " She laughed. " Did you know she was checking you out? Go ahead and meet her."

I brought Emerald another drink and offered it to her, "It's on the house, " I said apologetically, "because I was such a klutz earlier."

"That's ok, Dave, " she replied, "my name is Emerald."

"How'd you know my name?," I asked .

"You're the cute bartender everyone's been talking about," she opened. "Are you a sub?" she asked.

"I'm a switch," I replied, "but I'd sub to you."

"Well, I'm not looking for a sub." Emerald sipped her drink and eyed me through the glass.  "I have several clients tonight".

"That guy?" I wanted to learn about her relationship with the red mohawk.

"You work the trade?" she glanced at me coolly.

"Yeah, I'm an escort now and then" I admitted. " lately I'm mostly working at this place. There's not much demand for older guys in the sex trade."

"Yeah", she laughed, "there's not as much demand for older women either." She rubbed her hands together to warm them from the drink and gave me a forlorn glance. "I've known Ivan for years.  I don't usually play in bars but he wanted to do some -"

"Watersports?" I interrupted.

"It's really not my thing but he insisted, " she laughed with a touch of sarcasm. "The customer's always right". 

The ice was broken. We traded secrets about encounters with clients and revealed the kinds of play we did. "Yeah, I do that too," she chuckled in agreement almost every time I described a scene.

The other bartender called me to work.

I went to the back room to get a case of champaign splits.  Emerald entered and put her arms around me. I turned and she planted a kiss on my lips. I opened my mouth and she stuck her tongue in. We continued our French kiss, darting our tongues in each other's mouth.

"I wanted to see how well you kissed before I let you sleep with me," she whispered between kisses.  "Are you going to see me tonight?"

"yeah. " I couldn't wait to get off work and kiss her.  "where?"

"Just call me when you get off. " She wrote a number on my arm with her eyeliner and left the room .

 "New girlfriend?" The other bartender noticed the number on my arm.

"The girl who was sitting here" . I pointed to the table where Emerald had been.

"She left." Mary watched my expression. "Are you going to call her?"

"Should I?" I was disappointed about Emerald leaving so soon and uncertain about Mary's reaction. Do you want me to blow her off? I valued her friendship.

"Sara and I want to have the flat to ourselves tonight."  She was hoping I would get the hint. "I would hook up with a hottie like her".

I was surprised at how encouraging Mary was with me. Usually she's is indifferent with my dating interests. Maybe she is covering her real feelings about me? Maybe she is jealous? I didn't know. I continued stacking the cases behind the bar.

I wished Mary would have told me not to see  Emerald because I felt anxiety about what to do. If I blow Emerald off, she may never want to see me again. I was attracted to her but I'm also afraid to relate to her. I really wasn't over Jane. But I want to kiss Emerald more .

The peak hour for escorting is 2 AM when bars & clubs close. If patrons don't find someone to play with by then they either go home alone or call a sex worker. I finished cleaning up the bar and I didn't get any calls from clients. I called the number on my arm.

"Dave, " Emerald answered, "I just finishing a session with a client. Are you coming over?" She gave me her address and said that by the time I got there she'd be ready for me. I snagged a couple of splits and stuffed my shoulder bag with some toys, a toothbrush and a change of clothes and started walking toward the address Emerald gave me.

San Francisco is a small town. I could walk to the location in the time it takes to hail a taxi. I also needed the the courage to see her.

I walked down a narrow alley in a neighborhood known as South of Market. A number of goth, punk rockers and sex workers lived in this neighborhood which is near the theater and night club district. In the dim street light I could see the black & blue stripes of the bdsm flags in the lit windows and doorways. I rang her apartment button. The door buzzed and I stepped into the Victorian  flat. I walked up the stairs  to the fifth floor and knocked on the door.

Emerald called through the door, "is that you Dave?" I answered and she let me in. I entered the dimly lit studio apartment. The light reflected a hammock-like swing suspended by chains from the ceiling. There were other lengths of chains and ropes attached to the ceiling and walls with rows of whips, paddles and other toys and restraints.  On one side there was a st. andrews cross where a hooded young man was attached, facing the cross. The glow of the candlelight accented the whip marks of a recent beating across his back. A leather-padded spanking table was at one side of the room and a large bed mounted on a tall platform with tall posts with many eyehooks attached was at the other side of the room . In the back of the room there was a small bar, kitchenette, bathroom and closet.
"Dave, " she said, taking my hand, "I'm going to crash soon. Can we get down to business?" She led me toward the bed. I saw a large single-tail whip coiled on top of the bed and panicked.

"Don't worry, Dave", she said, "I'm not going to use that on you unless you want me to!" She picked up the whip and set it on the spanking table. She took my hand and turned toward me. "I'm glad you came over" .

I kissed her. She placed her arms around my shoulders and her tongue in my mouth. I sucked it eagerly. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" she asked.

"Yes", I answered, feeling relieved. Although I wouldn't mind a play session with Emerald sometime in the future, I wasn't in the mood for that right now. I just wanted to please her sexually. We fell on the bed and continued  kissing and petting. We took our clothes off and slipped under the covers.

"I heard you're good at oral sex", she teased. "Show me!"

My lips caressed her body from the large breasts to her narrow tummy and then her thighs. I used my tongue to trace the letters of the alphabet on her clit. I sucked it and then tongue-fucked her as her pussy became wet with a juice that had a sweet tinge of the champagne we were drinking. I rubbed some lube into my hand inserted one finger in her pussy and swirled it around until I could feel her labia opening up. I inserted another finger and continued opening her lips. When I could get my middle three fingers in I began to pull them toward my palm against the wall of her mound. I could feel the bump of her g-spot and made her twinge as I applied pressure to it. I pulled my fingers against it and backed off several times as she began to writhe on the bed, moaning loudly.

"Stop," she yelled, "I feel like I have to pee".

"Do it," I ordered her.

She began to squirt a stream of juice between my fingers. Her pussy juice dripped down my arm and on to the bed. I licked the stream and tasted the sweetness as I massaged her g-spot faster.  She rubbed her mound furiously with her hand. A projectile of pussy juice squirted on my face as a gusher of liquid poured out of her.

She said, "swallow some and kiss me". I sucked a load of her juice and moved up to her.  She parted her lips and I kissed her deeply and  inserted my tongue in her mouth. "Mmmm," she said, "I love how you taste!"

"Release my slave, " she ordered. I unsnapped the man's shackles and shook his limbs. "Slave, service us" . The man licked the cum from her pussy and sucked my cock. He was an incredible cock-sucker who almost brought me to orgasm. I wanked the base of my cock a little and came close to the edge. I pulled his hair and pushed  my shaft further down his mouth.  I felt him gag a little. I eased up and waited for him to relax. After he got some air his tongue circled the tip of my cock.  I plunged it further in and felt his warm throat surrounding my cock-head. I squirted a load down his throat. He continued sucking intensely and drained me.

Emerald pushed the man away. "Now, into your cage, slave", she ordered . He got up from the bed and pulled the skirt of fabric from the side of the bed, opened the door and crawled in.

"Dave, lock the cage," she commanded. I found a brass lock on the side of the cage and fit it on the latch and snapped it closed. I could see the man's eyes through the openings in the hood as he watched my moves. I closed the curtain and returned to the bed and slid next to Emerald.

"I don't know why Jane released you, " she said, "but I'm so glad she did!"

"I'm glad to be with you tonight", I replied. How did she know about my breakup with Jane? San Francisco sure is a small town.

It had been a while since I slept with a woman. The warmth of her body was comforting. I easily fell asleep listening to her breathing.

Later that morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. She poured a cup and sat at the table behind the bar. I began to stir. "Good morning, sweety. There's coffee for you."

I got up and used the toilet. When I returned, she asked me to release the man from his cage and lead him to the toilet. I let him into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat at the table with a cup of coffee.

"I let him shower before I lock him in the cage", she said. In a few minutes he came out. "Slave,  serve us". He poured another round of coffee into our cups.

"Slave" she said to him as she pointed to a bowl under the table, "time for your drink ". He slipped under the table and began lapping up the water in the dog bowl.

"Dave," she said to me, "my slave will service you any way you want. Would you like him to suck your dick?'

"Yes", I answered, playing in the scene.

"Dave, " she motioned to her side, "stand over here so I can watch you. "

"Slave, " she told the man, "suck my boyfriend's cock".

I stood before her and the man crawled toward me. I pulled my stiffening member from my shorts and dangled it toward his mouth. I used my free hand to pull the ring on his hood toward me. His lips encased my erection and his tongue lapped on the underside below the tip. I tugged his head closer and gave him time to suppress his gagging. Eventually he had the full length of my cock inside his throat. I was able to pull and push him this way as his mouth glided up and down my dick. Although it was early in the day, his sucking excited me quickly and I blew a load into his mouth.  I led the man under the table and handed the leash to Emerald. The man continued lapping the water in his dish.

"I have to get back to work". I touched her shoulder.

She turned to me and said, "When do you get off?"

"I'll probably break for lunch around 1".

"Can you meet me at the Grounds", she asked as her eyes met mine.

"Yes," I agreed eagerly. She stood and we embraced. I kissed her goodbye.

When I returned to my flat, Mary was making lunch in the kitchen dressed in my red boxers and a blue tank top. I stared at the shorts and thought she looked particularly cute in them. She turned to me and said, "hope you don't mind. I didn't have anything to wear".

How could I mind? My hands and mouth have caressed almost every inch of her body. It was sort of an honor for her to be wearing my underwear. She served me some of the snacks she had made for the bar. "So how did it go?" she asked.

"It went better than I expected," I said.

"Are you going to see her again"?

"You bet!" I said.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tables Turned

Jane lately has been busy many evenings. As a legal researcher, she has deadlines to present findings to lawyers in the firm. Her work hours are flexible; she can come and go as she pleases as long as she delivers caselaw or rulings on time. She will sometimes go to the health club to relieve the stress of work. When she does slip out of the office, she has to take work home that evening . Tonight was no different.

When I came home after my evening shift, I entered at the side entrance of the bottom floor of our house. My bedroom is off to one end across from our laundry room and the dungeon. There was the smell of soap and drying clothes as the machines were churning their load of mid-week laundry. The smell of bread baking came from upstairs.

I stripped to my boxer-briefs and teeshirt, attached my black leather wrist and ankle cuffs and climbed the stairs.

Jane was in her study typing away on her laptop, the blue light of the screen reflecting on her reading glasses. She wore a blue silk tank over her black bra and panties.

"Dave, get me a glass of wine", she ordered me.

"Yes ma'am, " I replied. I went into the kitchen to fetch Jane's drink.

Mary was wearing a white apron that wrapped around the front of her. The strings of the apron tied in a neat bow in the middle of her back between the strings of her black bikini. She had her  fleece lined leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The dust of flour filled the kitchen as Mary pounded pizza dough with her rolling pin on the butcher table. She was baking happy-hour snacks for the bar patrons to consume the next day. I touched her back and kissed her neck. She turned toward me and wiped her flour-covered hands on her apron and reached up to clear some perspiration from her brow. The smell of garlic and onions and the dripping sweat had made her eyes watery.

"It's about time you got here, Dave", she pouted. She was a little disappointed and sad. She had come home early to spend some time with her lover. Jane rebuffed Mary and dug into her work.

I retrieved a glass of wine and knelt before Jane to serve her. She stroked my face and said, "be a good boy and go do your chores".

I returned to the kitchen and began collecting the trash to put out that night. Mary pointed to the chair and said "Sit here" .

She placed a slice of the focaccia bread on a plate and said,  "try this".

"Jane says I'm naughty and I should wait until Daddy gets home", she said as the opening line for the game we play. I reached for her hands and pulled her toward me. He legs straddled mine. She wants me to play her Daddy and dominate her.

I gazed into her eyes and asked "How many?"

"10", she acknowledged that she was playing along.

"10 on each cheek!" I said as I began pulling her down toward my lap.

"No!" she laughed nervously.

She is now a child who has been naughty and I am the stern  father who will give her punishment

I don't know why Mary should be spanked but she deserves more swats than the number she gave me. I  push her over my lap. She fights back and is quite strong. I eventually overcome her resistance and hold her down with one hand and pull her panties down with the other. I start to kneed the globes of her butt cheeks. My hand strinkes one cheek and then the other.

When my hand smacked her cheek with a stroke was a lot harder than the others she yelled and bucked. We knocked the plate off the table and it broke into pieces on the floor.

"You two are making too much noise, " Jane yelled "Go downstairs and play."

Mary turned to me and winked. By "downstairs" Jane meant for us to resume our play in the dungeon to get out of her hair. We quickly cleaned up the mess and rushed downstairs.

I tied Mary's cuffs to the eyehooks on the door frame and begin to caress her body with my hands. I stood behind her and lightly nibbled on her earlobes and neck. She began to twist and test the tightness of her bonds.

"Shall I use the strap or the paddle?" I whispered. I walked to the wall that had the straps, paddles, whips, crops and floggers and lifted a 12" long strap with a heart opening.

"Don't use that " she taunted me.

I held it below her nose and let her smell the leather. "Do you mean this one?" I asked her.

"Yes", she says imploringly. I resume caressing her body with the strap. I push her panties down and reach around to the front with one hand as I gently swat her butt with the other.

I hold her body still with two fingers hooked and rubbing inside her cunt as I swat her butt with the strap. She is breathing heavily as sweat slides along her skin. I smell her pussy juice and feel the fluid drip over my hand.

"Use the vibe, " she begs me.

I held the small vibrator and rubbed it on on her clit as I strapped  her butt forcibly. She gave out a loud yell and her pussy gushed onto my hand. I knew it was time to change the scene and explore more intense fisting with Mary.

I untied her and we took a water break. We kissed and we sucked each other's tongues. She lied on her back on the spanking table with her legs and arms spread.  I attached her cuffs to the hooks on the sides of the table.

I lubed my hand and began to fist her by pushing my fingers into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with the vibrator. My hands played with her pussy for well over an hour.  Eventually I inserted my hand past the knuckles. I can feel the g-spot and circle around the rim of her cervix.  I circled my hand around all the walls of her pussy. I bent down and began kissing her clit lightly. My tongue surrounded the stiffening shaft of her clit as it became erect. I could now suck Mary's little cock. We were both ecstatic.

I was truly happy that I had pleased her. We shared the bed in the apartment above the bar at the end of each day as I tied her up and continued fisting her every night through the rest of the week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Protocols & Rituals - my (Jane's) view

Dave recently posted about the protocols and rituals we have between us. I am writing this post to let you know my view about our P&R.

When Dave joined the lifestyle, I gave him protocols and rituals to follow as a reminder of the TPE (total power exchange) we have between us.  Some of the rituals are that when he is home he is to wear his boxer-briefs and teeshirt with his wrist and ankle cuffs, he must get permission to sit on the furniture or at the kitchen table and he is to kneel before me at various times. Dave kneels when I come home or when he returns from work in the evening. When he comes into a room sometimes I point my finger to the floor where he is to kneel . If he deserves to be punished,  I make him kneel on a pencil, some pebbles or rice grains with his hands behind his head. If he deserves a severe punishment I tie his wrists and ankles behind his back and make him kneel in the corner. He may have to hold a quarter or a pair of my panties in place against the wall with his nose. The kneeling and punishment redirects his attention to me reminds Dave that he is my slave.

Dave has responsibility for maintaining the dungeon, the bathrooms and kitchen. He will do other chores when I order him.

A few months ago I trained Dave to be my personal assistant. He has gradually come up to speed. I trust him to mange appointments and field calls while I am busy with clients.

I have enjoyed reading Dave's blog for some time, but I was reluctant to comment because I wanted Dave to express himself freely. In the future, I may post or comment now and then. If you have any questions for Dave or me, leave a comment or send either one of us an email. -Jane

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Tip Jar

Recently one of the co-owners of the bar said that he wanted to sell his stake. The other owner, Sarah, encouraged Mary to buy his share. Money has been tight lately. Even with her two jobs, Mar couldn't come up with enough money to buy the other partner's stake.

I volunteered to give all of my earnings to Mar for her share of the business.  We were still very short of enough money. I wanted to help her by contributing all that I could. The next day, she took me shopping at Mr. S's and outfitted me in tight leathers. She also coached me on how to make suggestive remarks to some of the regulars.

"Dave," Mar said that evening, "Don't you have something to do in the back room?"

"I think we have enough beer and wine for tonight, " I replied.

"Dave," she ordered, "go into the back room".

I opened the door to the back room and saw one of the regulars, JJ, leaning against the cases, unbuttoning the rivets of his 501's . JJ  is a tall, lanky brown-haired boy a few years younger than me. He had a runner's build, slim with sinewy muscles. He pushed his briefs down and a long, thick cock jutted out from his fly. I knelt down and sucked it.

I had a several more sessions in the back room that night .

At first I thought I was doing freesions to keep the customers happy until one of my tricks offered me a tip.

"Here, " he said as we zipped up our pants, "this is for you". He handed me a $20. "You were beter than I expected".

I worked on several johns that evening.   When the bar closed, Mary counted the cash from the tip jar. There was more money than usual. Mary and Sarah were quite pleased with my "moonlighting".

Monday, June 20, 2011

Protocols & rituals

Jane has established protocols for me. I kneel before her when she comes home or when I return from work. I'm usually dressed in boxer-briefs and a skimpy teeshirt. She initiates the conversation by asking my account for tasks that she has given me. We then talk about how we feel about our relationship. I reveal any fantasies about her that I have had that day. We have our "truthful moment" when I can say whatever is on my mind without consequence.

Usually I am kneeling next to the desk in her study. We go over her appointments and any calls she would like me to return. After this, I clean up the bathroom & kitchen and serve her a glass of wine. If she has more work to do, Jane ties my hands behind my back and pushes me under her desk. Her feet massage my body while she is working. We chat like this:

"If I beat you tonight," Jane says, "would you like me to use the flogger or the cane?"

"The flogger is nice to start," I reply, "but end it with the cane, please, ma'am."

"And how many strokes do you deserve tonight, slave?" Jane continues.

"Twenty, please", I reply.

"Maybe I'll give you 40 since you've been bad lately, yes?"

"Yes, ma'am", I reply in a choked whisper.

The conversation is a tease that works up my fear. I know I'm going to feel a lot of pain tonight. Jane strokes my briefs with her foot and my cock stiffens. She has me trained to lust for pain and sex.

"Is my husband here?"

Working as Jane's assistant has interesting moments. I answer calls and make appointments while she is treating clients in the dungeon. Recently I had this call:
"I'm Mrs. XXX," , a demanding voice loudly proclaimed on Jane'c cell, "Is my husband Harold here?"
"Yes ma'am," I answered, "he's tied up at the moment." Harold was trussed up on the cross while Jane was givving him a lashing. I field calls to Jane while she is having a session to keep interruptions to a minimum.
"Well, " she followed, "would you remind him to pick up my shoes at the repair shop?"
"Yes", I felt relieved, fearing a confrontation of threats with drama, "I'll tell him when he gets out Mrs. XXX."

Most of Jane's long-term clients tell their wives or girlfriends that they see her regularly. They want a service with a special packaging that their SO's will not do. It's too hard for the women to thrash their husbands one moment and then expect them to pick up the kids the next. For most people, it is unlikely they could live the BDSM lifestyle 24/7. I heard one of the wives talking to Mary:

"I know he goes to Jane's every week. He has asked me to beat him but I can't. He's happy after he's been with Jane and he is a beter husband".

Jane's sessions fufill a man's femdom fantasies and perks up their sex lives. Most of the experience is the fear of seeing Jane approach them in her leathers with a riding crop in hand as they are trussed up on the cross. She demands that confess their shortcomings to her, tells her of their secret desires and beg to be whipped. The beatings are just light enough to get them to ejaculate on her gloves or boots. She forces them to lick off their cum as a final humiliation. They thank her for the experience and leave excited.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shavin' or Waxin?

Mar has been pimping me at the bar for some time. The business has picked up during the summer (tourists?). We now groom each other by shaving our private parts every other day. Recently she said she would like to shave less and we should wax. She taught me how to wax her pubes some time ago. Now it was my turn. She tied my legs over my head to the sides of the waxing table and applied the strips to my butt.

When she pulled off the first strip, I felt incredible pain. "Ow, sh*t!, f*ck!!!" I cried.

"Oh, you're such a baby" she said as she pulled the next strip of wax off my butt, ripping the hairs from my skin.

"Ow, f*ck!" I cried even louder.

"If you don't shut up, " Mar said, "I may have to gag you!"

I bit my tongue as she pulled the other strips. She ended the session by tweezing the hairs that the wax missed, one by one.

It was a session of excruciating pain. I don't know how women take this. I guess they are more stoic than men in this respect.

I wasn't embarrassed as Mar had been shaving my pubic hairs & butt since we met. Besides, we have a lot of strap-on sex. So if I would be embarrassed about Mar seeing my intimate parts, that ship has passed a long time ago. Still, I felt humiliated somehow. So this is what women have to endure when they get waxed.

She finished by rubbing oil on my skin. She said: "I could be mean to you and use after-shave since you took it like a man. Still, you deserve a little punishment for yelling at me."

So she gave me 20 whacks with a paddle. The sting was horrendous on the skin she had waxed off.

Where do we go from here?

After Mar had exercised her feelings about the breakup with Jane I asked her if she didn't mind listening to some music. She said she would like that Katy Perry cd I had. We were sitting close together on my bed and I put my arm around her. We started kissing. I've been turned on by Mar when I first saw her but I didn't want to take advantage of her vulnerability after the breakup with Jane. When we heard Perry sing the lyrics:

Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
What you're waiting for, it's time for you to show it off
Don't be a shy kinda guy I'll bet it's beautiful
Come on baby let me see
Whatchu hidin' underneath

Mar placed her hand over my crotch and found my hard-on pushing up on my jeans. In just a short time we had stripped and I had Mar tied to my bed with her legs over her head. I picked up a short flogger  and began rubbing her puss with my hand and flogging it lightly.

As to sex with guys, the ladies have their preferences. J likes to dom guys, tie them up and ride them cowgirl-style. Mar does not like guys to penetrate her with their c*ck. She prefers to be bound, her puss whipped , rubbed and finger-f**ked. Sometimes she begs to be untied so she can rub herself with a vibrator while my fingers are entering her holes.  I know by her breathing and murmurs when to speed up or slow down or do more with one hand and less with the other.

After a long period of this fingering, she is wet all over. She allows me to mount her and tease her clit with the tip of my c*ck. Sometimes she'll let me penetrate her slowly while I'm holding myself above her.

Guys who learn this about Mar think she is a c*ck tease and usually won't go on a second date with her. As for me, I don't mind because I like her a lot. I usually have f*cked with several people before I see Mar at the end of the day, so another f*ck is not that important.

Mar prefers MMF threesomes with me. She can warm herself up while watching some guy like Kyle getting on with me. When Kyle and I have finished with each other, we turn to Mar. One of us will be kissing her lips while the other is kissing her puss.

Mar recently said to Jane, "sometimes boys are almost as good as a girl" . She meant that Kyle & I or, lately, Andy & I, can be almost as sexually fulfilling as Jane. She emphasized the "almost" to imply to Jane that she still is the best.

Her remark was also a testing of the waters to Jane: if Jane still had feelings for Mar, she would be there for the taking. Instead J said: "I'm happy for you two (Mar & I)".

So as it now stands, J is still hot for Zev and there's Mar & Kyle and me or Mar & Andy and me. Before this we felt like we had to sneak around Jane. We often had our threesomes when Jane was at work, or outside of her house when Jane was home. Now we get together downstairs while Jane is upstairs with Zev.

Who do you love?

When J was hot for the body-builder, Zev, she ignored M & I. Although this was another romance with someone else, Mary was heartbroken. I could see the quiet resentment in her. She thought I didn't know about the affair and was about to break the news to me one evening when I came home.
She was in my room, sitting on my bed. Her eyes appeared watery & red. "Dave", she said in an apologetic tone, "I want to talk to you".
I set my shoulder bag on the floor and sat next to her. I thought the worst had happened: namely that Jane was evicting me.
"What's up," I asked as I touched her hand.
"It's Jane," she began, "she's hooking up with Zev." She said in a way which implied that I immediately understood the significance. I knew the news because I saw how fond J. was becomming of Z. during our sessions with him. I liked him but felt there would be no long-term relationship possible with Z and I since he described himself as "heteroflexible".

Heteroflexible is a term that is said to have started in FetLife and means basic heterosexual orientation with accommodation to same-sex activities. In my experience with women this means that will make love with either men or women at the same intensity but that they identify as heterosexual. Heteroflexible men will tolerate a guy going down on them (oral sex) but they will not reciprocate, or they will f**k a guy but not allow themselves to be f**ked by a guy. On the other hand, many straight and heteroflexible guys identify and hang out with other guys as long as "nothing gay" happens.

Zev got off when Jane ordered him  to suck my c*ck. She then ordered me to f**ck him while he was tied to the spanking table in a  "forced bi" scene. "Forced bi "wouldn't work for me as I do not feel humiliated when I have sex with guys I like. The ladies and I liked Z. a lot; the B&D sessions were exciting. I hoped Z would be a fit with our family.
That evening when Mary broke the news to me I could see that she was sad.
"Well, J is having sex with him right now ", she added. I could hear some mumbled conversation upstairs. It sounded like a B&D session. She then asked me, "how do you feel about this?"
"Mar, " I turned to her and clutched her hand, " how do YOU feel about this?"
She told me that she was upset but that this was one of many romances J had over the years and this might not last too long. This was the first time I had seen Mar, a veteran to polyamorous relationships,  feel distraught about her lover, J. Mar was the one who was usually sleeping around with several women and some guys. It seemed strange that she would become so upset about J's infrequent dalliances.

Bi and Bi

A facebook friend was chatting with me recently.
"I split up with Larry", she said, "I found him in bed with another guy".
"Oh, sorry to hear that" I asked, "I thought you were both bi".
"We are."
"Have you thought about poly?"
"What's that?", she asked.
We talked about the various threesomes she and her ex have had recently. I went on to explain polyamorous relationships to her. I told her that she was actually in impromptu polyamorous relationships with the threesomes and maybe acknowledging the lifestyle wouldn't be too hard.
"Oh, " she argued, "I'm not into poly".
I figured we wouldn't go further on what was becomming a misunderstanding.
For me, the polyamorous lifestyle seemed like a mysterous vocation available only to the elite. And yet I was (and still am) living it with my roomates, J & M. We love each other in our special way and we love others. This is how it was when I first hooked up with them and this is how it is today. I just didn't recognize that this relationship is a form of polyamory.
Many of us may be living in a poly relationship and not even realizing it. Instead of worrying about what the label means, we just go about living day to day. If others want to label it a poly relationship, that's fine, but it won't change how we are living together.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When we're happy

Our friends often wonder why we don't entertain in our home. It's not that we don't like visitors or that we're not social. We like seeing our friends outside of the house at the park, the beach, clubs, etc. At home we try to keep our privacy. Here is an example why.

M typically cooks the meals, I do the serving and wait on the ladies. When they are done they have me kneel to their side and feed me scraps off the plate. There is a lot more to this ritual (wn: explain other things that J & M do with me at the table), but I'll move on.

After dinner, I clean up. M stays  in the kitchen with me and directs the handling of the leftovers, etc. J is in her "study" reading or checking her online communications. M & I eventually get goofy when we play the Ldy Gaga CD that has the song:

"Not psychotic or dramatic
I like boys and that is that
Love it when you call me legs
In the morning buy me eggs
Watch your heart when we're together
Boys like you love me forever...

Boys, boys, boys....we love them" .

Although J hates to hear Gaga, we sing along with the lyrics. Mary will often give me a slap on the ass when I'm at the sink washing dishes.

I'll say something  like: "is that all you got!".

When she's ready, M will yank on my collar or pull my ear and point me toward the stairs. I know this means a trip to the dungeon in the basement. We go down, she attached my shackles to the cross and lets loose with her whipping toys.

Often J comes downstairs to fold clothes or do other things nearby. She stands near the open door to the dungeon and listens to the whir of the leather through the air, the thud on my back and my "ows". J is letting M go solo with me but hovers nearby just in case help is needed.

When the session is done, J usually comes into the room and feels the welts that M has inflicted on me. The two ladies caress me and we start to chat.

"You liked that didn't you, Dave?" one of them asks.

"Yes, Ma'am," I answer drowsilly as I am still in subspace.

After a while the ladies release me and we return upstairs to J's bedroom.  I am attached to her rack facing the bed while the women make out . (wn.: I wrote about a typical session in my other blog "Dave's Adventure")

If we had friends over, the dinner part would be like other people (excpt for my kneeling at their side and the feeding). Even out BDSM friends might be surprised M & I are clowning around in the kitchen and into a pain session in the dungeon the next moment  . How can this happen? When the ladies are happy and fufilled I have a chance of receiving discipline. Sometimes we finish dinner and go our respecive ways. But other times, when the moment is right and when they appreciate my gift of submission to them, they feel generous to give me what I crave.

People who are not familiar with the BDSM lifestyle may think discipline is some kind of punishment for being bad, but for us it is the fufillment of happiness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birds of a Feather

The three of us frequently get together informally. Usually J & M are sitting on the leather couch. I come in the room and kneel on the floor in front and between them. This time J taps on the couch which means I am to sit on it. I get up and take my place.
"So Dave," J opens, "how was your day?"
This is a loaded question. If I am in protocol with J alone I apprise her of pending appointments with clients and  give her an accounting of chores and tasks she has set for me to complete. Sometimes she'll ask more intimate things about what I desire from her. She usually expects me to repeat my vows of obediance and then wait for further questions.
But this time was different since J had already been chatting with M. Since there was no protocol for this occasion and the meeting seemed informal, I began by telling the ladies who I was with during the weekend. Most of the people I had sex with were arranged by M at the bar and although she seemed familiar with them, she was keen on learning what I actually did with these guys in the back room or the upstairs flat.
(writer's note (wn): Usually male readers want me to give details of the sex at each of these encounters but I will have to postpone this accounting for later).
After I had presented the general outline of my weeked encounters, M proceeded to tell of hers. I was surprised that she had been with so many partners. Of course, I had been too busy with my partners for the moment to notice. (wn.: more details later).
Then J gave a rundown of her bookings for the weekend. She is very discreet about her clients and will not reveal their names even to me, her PA. Nevertheless, I recognized the guys she was talking about and the usual activities they paid her to do. J avoided commenting much about her love of the moment, Z, saying only: "he was here Sat. night". I figured she had an all-night session with him that involved bondage, pain & sex.
As the ladies were having their animated conversation about guys they had been with I realized we all had one thing in common: we were sex workers. I have often wondered why the ladies allowed me to be part of their triad. I'm not as attractive as some of the guys they hook to.  I'm not as sophisticated as some of the guys that they are in sessions. Why is it that they like me?
The many boys (and some girls) we play with come and go. They have other lives and even families that they live with 24/7. To them, J , M and I are fantasy people who they see for a few hours for the services they do not get with their people. We have to prep for sessions by shaving and waxing our intimate areas, put on fantasy gear and go through the rituals with them for a modest fee. We have to clean up after them in the dungeon, backroom or bedroom when they leave their wet condoms or fluids that they eject on our racks, toys and clothes.
When we deliver a good service to a client, they see the up side of the experience and their fantasies are fufilled for the moment. We live with the downside of the sex and the beatings, the less-than-perfect grroming, the smells and sight of bodily fluids, the dirty sex toys and endless laundry but this is our job and we like it even with those we give it free. That is what makes us different: we know what our avocation is and we stay with it despite the ups and downs.
Also, we are not likely to judge each other's activities, since we are all in this together. J was at first reluctant to let me meet her parents, fearing they would use me to get moralistic on her. Instead, I became a middle person who kept them discretely at bay and protected J in the process. Although they don't expect any grandchildren from J and I, they are happy that she has "settled" for some "straight" guy. My relationship with J is anything but a heterosexual union, but it has the appearances and this is all that matters to many people, including J's parents. In the same way I appeared as a mate to M when her father, a military drill instructor, came to visit one time. He seemed quite happy that M had "settled down" with a man.