Monday, July 11, 2011

Tables Turned

Jane lately has been busy many evenings. As a legal researcher, she has deadlines to present findings to lawyers in the firm. Her work hours are flexible; she can come and go as she pleases as long as she delivers caselaw or rulings on time. She will sometimes go to the health club to relieve the stress of work. When she does slip out of the office, she has to take work home that evening . Tonight was no different.

When I came home after my evening shift, I entered at the side entrance of the bottom floor of our house. My bedroom is off to one end across from our laundry room and the dungeon. There was the smell of soap and drying clothes as the machines were churning their load of mid-week laundry. The smell of bread baking came from upstairs.

I stripped to my boxer-briefs and teeshirt, attached my black leather wrist and ankle cuffs and climbed the stairs.

Jane was in her study typing away on her laptop, the blue light of the screen reflecting on her reading glasses. She wore a blue silk tank over her black bra and panties.

"Dave, get me a glass of wine", she ordered me.

"Yes ma'am, " I replied. I went into the kitchen to fetch Jane's drink.

Mary was wearing a white apron that wrapped around the front of her. The strings of the apron tied in a neat bow in the middle of her back between the strings of her black bikini. She had her  fleece lined leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The dust of flour filled the kitchen as Mary pounded pizza dough with her rolling pin on the butcher table. She was baking happy-hour snacks for the bar patrons to consume the next day. I touched her back and kissed her neck. She turned toward me and wiped her flour-covered hands on her apron and reached up to clear some perspiration from her brow. The smell of garlic and onions and the dripping sweat had made her eyes watery.

"It's about time you got here, Dave", she pouted. She was a little disappointed and sad. She had come home early to spend some time with her lover. Jane rebuffed Mary and dug into her work.

I retrieved a glass of wine and knelt before Jane to serve her. She stroked my face and said, "be a good boy and go do your chores".

I returned to the kitchen and began collecting the trash to put out that night. Mary pointed to the chair and said "Sit here" .

She placed a slice of the focaccia bread on a plate and said,  "try this".

"Jane says I'm naughty and I should wait until Daddy gets home", she said as the opening line for the game we play. I reached for her hands and pulled her toward me. He legs straddled mine. She wants me to play her Daddy and dominate her.

I gazed into her eyes and asked "How many?"

"10", she acknowledged that she was playing along.

"10 on each cheek!" I said as I began pulling her down toward my lap.

"No!" she laughed nervously.

She is now a child who has been naughty and I am the stern  father who will give her punishment

I don't know why Mary should be spanked but she deserves more swats than the number she gave me. I  push her over my lap. She fights back and is quite strong. I eventually overcome her resistance and hold her down with one hand and pull her panties down with the other. I start to kneed the globes of her butt cheeks. My hand strinkes one cheek and then the other.

When my hand smacked her cheek with a stroke was a lot harder than the others she yelled and bucked. We knocked the plate off the table and it broke into pieces on the floor.

"You two are making too much noise, " Jane yelled "Go downstairs and play."

Mary turned to me and winked. By "downstairs" Jane meant for us to resume our play in the dungeon to get out of her hair. We quickly cleaned up the mess and rushed downstairs.

I tied Mary's cuffs to the eyehooks on the door frame and begin to caress her body with my hands. I stood behind her and lightly nibbled on her earlobes and neck. She began to twist and test the tightness of her bonds.

"Shall I use the strap or the paddle?" I whispered. I walked to the wall that had the straps, paddles, whips, crops and floggers and lifted a 12" long strap with a heart opening.

"Don't use that " she taunted me.

I held it below her nose and let her smell the leather. "Do you mean this one?" I asked her.

"Yes", she says imploringly. I resume caressing her body with the strap. I push her panties down and reach around to the front with one hand as I gently swat her butt with the other.

I hold her body still with two fingers hooked and rubbing inside her cunt as I swat her butt with the strap. She is breathing heavily as sweat slides along her skin. I smell her pussy juice and feel the fluid drip over my hand.

"Use the vibe, " she begs me.

I held the small vibrator and rubbed it on on her clit as I strapped  her butt forcibly. She gave out a loud yell and her pussy gushed onto my hand. I knew it was time to change the scene and explore more intense fisting with Mary.

I untied her and we took a water break. We kissed and we sucked each other's tongues. She lied on her back on the spanking table with her legs and arms spread.  I attached her cuffs to the hooks on the sides of the table.

I lubed my hand and began to fist her by pushing my fingers into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with the vibrator. My hands played with her pussy for well over an hour.  Eventually I inserted my hand past the knuckles. I can feel the g-spot and circle around the rim of her cervix.  I circled my hand around all the walls of her pussy. I bent down and began kissing her clit lightly. My tongue surrounded the stiffening shaft of her clit as it became erect. I could now suck Mary's little cock. We were both ecstatic.

I was truly happy that I had pleased her. We shared the bed in the apartment above the bar at the end of each day as I tied her up and continued fisting her every night through the rest of the week.