Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's 2 AM - do you know where your baby is?

I was attracted to the older goth woman who sat at the table near the bar. She wore a wig with fake orange-red extensions that  framed an angular face, magenta lip  gloss, dark eye-shadow, a chain around her neck.  She wore a full length leather coat and when she opened the zipper she was wearing thigh-high platform boots, fishnet stockings, a leather mini-skirt, a black lace-up bodice and a red velvet blouse. I was distracted by her as I rinsed off glasses behind the bar.  I felt uncomfortably attracted to her and had to turn away to keep from staring.
Maybe it was the wildly colored  hairpiece or her dommish clothes that threw me off balance. I avoided her table because I was afraid and ashamed.   When I passed near her I felt sharp fingernails claw into my leg. "Boy," she looked up at me with her deep green eyes, "serve me!"  she commanded.

"Yes," I said as I glanced down and away from her and whispered nervously,  "'am". I didn't want her to know that I was attracted to her. I learned from the bartenders that her name was Emerald and that she was a regular on weekday evenings. She was also known as the "Fire Witch" because of her skills at fire play.

When I came back with the drink a man was sitting across from Emerald.  He wore a silvery leather-studded jacket. His head was shaved except for a bright red mohawk . She ordered another apple juice in a tall glass with no ice. I returned with the second drink and slipped as I leaned over to serve the man. The drink spilled on the table and dripped on the floor. I apologized to them and mopped up the juice from the table. I knelt before her and wiped the juice off her boots.

Emerald looked down at me and said, "nice boy!" I offered to bring another drink to her and she said, "no, you don't have to. We just want the glass." I left the empty glass with them and returned to the bar.

I went into the store room to retrieve more cases of beer and noticed Emerald go into the ladies restroom with the empty glass. She came out carrying the glass filled with an amber liquid.  The mohawk guy sipped the liquid from the glass, paid the bill and left.

When the bar is busy I usually expect customers to wave me for table service.  I asked Mary if I should serve Emerald.  "I've been watching you look at her. " She laughed. " Did you know she was checking you out? Go ahead and meet her."

I brought Emerald another drink and offered it to her, "It's on the house, " I said apologetically, "because I was such a klutz earlier."

"That's ok, Dave, " she replied, "my name is Emerald."

"How'd you know my name?," I asked .

"You're the cute bartender everyone's been talking about," she opened. "Are you a sub?" she asked.

"I'm a switch," I replied, "but I'd sub to you."

"Well, I'm not looking for a sub." Emerald sipped her drink and eyed me through the glass.  "I have several clients tonight".

"That guy?" I wanted to learn about her relationship with the red mohawk.

"You work the trade?" she glanced at me coolly.

"Yeah, I'm an escort now and then" I admitted. " lately I'm mostly working at this place. There's not much demand for older guys in the sex trade."

"Yeah", she laughed, "there's not as much demand for older women either." She rubbed her hands together to warm them from the drink and gave me a forlorn glance. "I've known Ivan for years.  I don't usually play in bars but he wanted to do some -"

"Watersports?" I interrupted.

"It's really not my thing but he insisted, " she laughed with a touch of sarcasm. "The customer's always right". 

The ice was broken. We traded secrets about encounters with clients and revealed the kinds of play we did. "Yeah, I do that too," she chuckled in agreement almost every time I described a scene.

The other bartender called me to work.

I went to the back room to get a case of champaign splits.  Emerald entered and put her arms around me. I turned and she planted a kiss on my lips. I opened my mouth and she stuck her tongue in. We continued our French kiss, darting our tongues in each other's mouth.

"I wanted to see how well you kissed before I let you sleep with me," she whispered between kisses.  "Are you going to see me tonight?"

"yeah. " I couldn't wait to get off work and kiss her.  "where?"

"Just call me when you get off. " She wrote a number on my arm with her eyeliner and left the room .

 "New girlfriend?" The other bartender noticed the number on my arm.

"The girl who was sitting here" . I pointed to the table where Emerald had been.

"She left." Mary watched my expression. "Are you going to call her?"

"Should I?" I was disappointed about Emerald leaving so soon and uncertain about Mary's reaction. Do you want me to blow her off? I valued her friendship.

"Sara and I want to have the flat to ourselves tonight."  She was hoping I would get the hint. "I would hook up with a hottie like her".

I was surprised at how encouraging Mary was with me. Usually she's is indifferent with my dating interests. Maybe she is covering her real feelings about me? Maybe she is jealous? I didn't know. I continued stacking the cases behind the bar.

I wished Mary would have told me not to see  Emerald because I felt anxiety about what to do. If I blow Emerald off, she may never want to see me again. I was attracted to her but I'm also afraid to relate to her. I really wasn't over Jane. But I want to kiss Emerald more .

The peak hour for escorting is 2 AM when bars & clubs close. If patrons don't find someone to play with by then they either go home alone or call a sex worker. I finished cleaning up the bar and I didn't get any calls from clients. I called the number on my arm.

"Dave, " Emerald answered, "I just finishing a session with a client. Are you coming over?" She gave me her address and said that by the time I got there she'd be ready for me. I snagged a couple of splits and stuffed my shoulder bag with some toys, a toothbrush and a change of clothes and started walking toward the address Emerald gave me.

San Francisco is a small town. I could walk to the location in the time it takes to hail a taxi. I also needed the the courage to see her.

I walked down a narrow alley in a neighborhood known as South of Market. A number of goth, punk rockers and sex workers lived in this neighborhood which is near the theater and night club district. In the dim street light I could see the black & blue stripes of the bdsm flags in the lit windows and doorways. I rang her apartment button. The door buzzed and I stepped into the Victorian  flat. I walked up the stairs  to the fifth floor and knocked on the door.

Emerald called through the door, "is that you Dave?" I answered and she let me in. I entered the dimly lit studio apartment. The light reflected a hammock-like swing suspended by chains from the ceiling. There were other lengths of chains and ropes attached to the ceiling and walls with rows of whips, paddles and other toys and restraints.  On one side there was a st. andrews cross where a hooded young man was attached, facing the cross. The glow of the candlelight accented the whip marks of a recent beating across his back. A leather-padded spanking table was at one side of the room and a large bed mounted on a tall platform with tall posts with many eyehooks attached was at the other side of the room . In the back of the room there was a small bar, kitchenette, bathroom and closet.
"Dave, " she said, taking my hand, "I'm going to crash soon. Can we get down to business?" She led me toward the bed. I saw a large single-tail whip coiled on top of the bed and panicked.

"Don't worry, Dave", she said, "I'm not going to use that on you unless you want me to!" She picked up the whip and set it on the spanking table. She took my hand and turned toward me. "I'm glad you came over" .

I kissed her. She placed her arms around my shoulders and her tongue in my mouth. I sucked it eagerly. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" she asked.

"Yes", I answered, feeling relieved. Although I wouldn't mind a play session with Emerald sometime in the future, I wasn't in the mood for that right now. I just wanted to please her sexually. We fell on the bed and continued  kissing and petting. We took our clothes off and slipped under the covers.

"I heard you're good at oral sex", she teased. "Show me!"

My lips caressed her body from the large breasts to her narrow tummy and then her thighs. I used my tongue to trace the letters of the alphabet on her clit. I sucked it and then tongue-fucked her as her pussy became wet with a juice that had a sweet tinge of the champagne we were drinking. I rubbed some lube into my hand inserted one finger in her pussy and swirled it around until I could feel her labia opening up. I inserted another finger and continued opening her lips. When I could get my middle three fingers in I began to pull them toward my palm against the wall of her mound. I could feel the bump of her g-spot and made her twinge as I applied pressure to it. I pulled my fingers against it and backed off several times as she began to writhe on the bed, moaning loudly.

"Stop," she yelled, "I feel like I have to pee".

"Do it," I ordered her.

She began to squirt a stream of juice between my fingers. Her pussy juice dripped down my arm and on to the bed. I licked the stream and tasted the sweetness as I massaged her g-spot faster.  She rubbed her mound furiously with her hand. A projectile of pussy juice squirted on my face as a gusher of liquid poured out of her.

She said, "swallow some and kiss me". I sucked a load of her juice and moved up to her.  She parted her lips and I kissed her deeply and  inserted my tongue in her mouth. "Mmmm," she said, "I love how you taste!"

"Release my slave, " she ordered. I unsnapped the man's shackles and shook his limbs. "Slave, service us" . The man licked the cum from her pussy and sucked my cock. He was an incredible cock-sucker who almost brought me to orgasm. I wanked the base of my cock a little and came close to the edge. I pulled his hair and pushed  my shaft further down his mouth.  I felt him gag a little. I eased up and waited for him to relax. After he got some air his tongue circled the tip of my cock.  I plunged it further in and felt his warm throat surrounding my cock-head. I squirted a load down his throat. He continued sucking intensely and drained me.

Emerald pushed the man away. "Now, into your cage, slave", she ordered . He got up from the bed and pulled the skirt of fabric from the side of the bed, opened the door and crawled in.

"Dave, lock the cage," she commanded. I found a brass lock on the side of the cage and fit it on the latch and snapped it closed. I could see the man's eyes through the openings in the hood as he watched my moves. I closed the curtain and returned to the bed and slid next to Emerald.

"I don't know why Jane released you, " she said, "but I'm so glad she did!"

"I'm glad to be with you tonight", I replied. How did she know about my breakup with Jane? San Francisco sure is a small town.

It had been a while since I slept with a woman. The warmth of her body was comforting. I easily fell asleep listening to her breathing.

Later that morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. She poured a cup and sat at the table behind the bar. I began to stir. "Good morning, sweety. There's coffee for you."

I got up and used the toilet. When I returned, she asked me to release the man from his cage and lead him to the toilet. I let him into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat at the table with a cup of coffee.

"I let him shower before I lock him in the cage", she said. In a few minutes he came out. "Slave,  serve us". He poured another round of coffee into our cups.

"Slave" she said to him as she pointed to a bowl under the table, "time for your drink ". He slipped under the table and began lapping up the water in the dog bowl.

"Dave," she said to me, "my slave will service you any way you want. Would you like him to suck your dick?'

"Yes", I answered, playing in the scene.

"Dave, " she motioned to her side, "stand over here so I can watch you. "

"Slave, " she told the man, "suck my boyfriend's cock".

I stood before her and the man crawled toward me. I pulled my stiffening member from my shorts and dangled it toward his mouth. I used my free hand to pull the ring on his hood toward me. His lips encased my erection and his tongue lapped on the underside below the tip. I tugged his head closer and gave him time to suppress his gagging. Eventually he had the full length of my cock inside his throat. I was able to pull and push him this way as his mouth glided up and down my dick. Although it was early in the day, his sucking excited me quickly and I blew a load into his mouth.  I led the man under the table and handed the leash to Emerald. The man continued lapping the water in his dish.

"I have to get back to work". I touched her shoulder.

She turned to me and said, "When do you get off?"

"I'll probably break for lunch around 1".

"Can you meet me at the Grounds", she asked as her eyes met mine.

"Yes," I agreed eagerly. She stood and we embraced. I kissed her goodbye.

When I returned to my flat, Mary was making lunch in the kitchen dressed in my red boxers and a blue tank top. I stared at the shorts and thought she looked particularly cute in them. She turned to me and said, "hope you don't mind. I didn't have anything to wear".

How could I mind? My hands and mouth have caressed almost every inch of her body. It was sort of an honor for her to be wearing my underwear. She served me some of the snacks she had made for the bar. "So how did it go?" she asked.

"It went better than I expected," I said.

"Are you going to see her again"?

"You bet!" I said.