Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sailing to Cock Island

I liked to watch Kenny when he practiced on the track. He was a tall guy with a natural athletic build, slim waist, profiled hips, defined abs and a small tight butt. Occasionally I would finish swim practice and check him out in the locker room. I thought I saw him checking me out in the shower but I couldn't be sure. In our town guys snapped towels at each other and used words like "gay" and "fag" to show their contempt for anyone who wasn't 'manly' enough - " A  cowboy should never squat with his spurs on".

Ken was in the library muttering some curse like "dang" and knotting his sandy brown hair that partially hid the large scar on his face. I was volunteering shelving books and went to him. "Need help", I asked.

"It's algebra, " he replied exasperated, "I can't solve these equations."

"Do you mind if I take a look?" He let me glance at the printed assignment. I showed him how to solve the first equation.

"Thanks guy," he said, "do you work here? Do I owe you anything?"

"I'm just a volunteer," I said, "You don't owe me anything." I was eager to make friends with him.

"Since you showed me how to do the first one, I'll try on my own, but thanks," he said with a slight smile. I returned the smile and pushed the cart toward the shelves.

"Dude", he said, "I'm Kenny. What's your name?"

"I'm Dave"

"You a sophmore?"


"Dude, " he said, "you're pretty smart" in an effort to compliment me.

"Naw, " I said, "It's no big thing. You go out for track?"

"Yeah," he said, "and you?"

"I'm in the swim team".

"Cool. Well, I'm gonna work on these problems. You want to hang out when you get off?" he asked.

"I'll be finished in half hour. If you don't see me, you might ask the librarian to page me, ok?" I wanted him to know I'd be around for him.

"Ok, sure, " he said with some interest, "I'll look for you. Thanks again!"

He found me and suggested we go to the stands and watch the football team practice. He retrieved his books from the hall locker. We shared a bottle of wine he brought in a paper bag while we watched the team practice.

I helped him with his homework when he came to the library after classes. When he was younger, I pot of boiling water exploded and burned part of his face. Some kids thought he was a freak. Girls would avoid him.

He was good at shop and I was good at academics. I helped him with his algebra and he showed me how to fix my bike.We developed a friendship over our common interests. I was attracted to his athletic body. I glanced at him when he walked in front of me, his tight jeans displaying a perfect butt. I liked how his biceps bulged out of his tank top and the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He was a little older than me and I admired what I thought was a perfect body.

In the summer many kids went to camps at the nearby lakes. I stayed home because my widowed mother couldn't afford to send me to any of them. One of the local clubs provided funding for kids who worked part time to go to camp. I was a junior lifeguard watching toddlers at the shallow end of the lake. Kenny also got into the program. He worked in the boathouse repairing boats.
When the kids were done with their swim I would go over to the boathouse and hang out with Kenny. The supervisor sent us out in a two-seater sailboat to gather the lane lines and any stuff that the kids left at the raft in the lake.
One warm evening we were changing into our swimsuits in the storage area. Kenny pulled down his shorts when his long cock popped out and jutted upward. I had never seen an erection on another guy before. I was excited to see his cock point upward between his slim hips and flat stomach. I felt my cock get hard as I slipped my swim trunks on underneath a towel.  After we collected the lane ropes, we sailed past the raft and to a small island on the lake. No one knew what the name of the island was, or if in fact it was more than a temporary sandbar with a riparian growth of tall shrubs. The water around the shore was very shallow and only small boats like ours could pull into the island. We pulled our sailboat onto shore and tied it to one of the tall bushes. We sat on a small sand mound and tossed pebbles into the lake.

Kenny turned to me and said, "you wanna jack off?"

I didn't want to sound like I didn't know what he was talking about and answered, "sure".

Kenny pushed his swimsuit to his knees and began stroking his cock. When it became erect, he began pounding faster.

I imitated Kenny's movements as I watched him.  In minutes some white stuff squirted out of his cock on his stomach. "Oooh yeah", he said.

Although I tried stroking my cock furiously, I wasn't as successful as Kenny.

"Dude," he said, "did you ever cum before?"

"No," I said shyly.

"Look," he turned toward me, "you hold your cock like this." He showed me how he clutched his fingers just below the cockhead. "Now push the head up and jag your balls like this." He was now jerking off again.

I eventually got a small spurt of cum out of my cock.

"Did you ever taste cum, " he asked. He placed a finger on the small drip that was dribbling down the side of my deflated cock and touched it to his lips.

"What does it taste like, " I asked.

"It's good. Wanna try some?" he asked.

I nodded and dipped my finger into the pool of cum that was spalttered on his belly. It was sticky and tasted salty with a little sweet tanginess. "Cool," I said.

"More?" he asked.

"Sure," I said as I bent over toward him and began licking the sticky gobs off his skin. He pushed me down toward his now hardened cock with a cum slick on its cock-head.

"Lick it", he whispered.

I stuck my tongue out and wrapped it around his cock-head and  licked the cum from it.

"Kiss it," he said. I kissed his hard tip.

"Now suck it." I opened my mouth and took in a few inches of his dick. His skin tasted like parmesan chicken with a salty covering. He jerked his cock and in short order a load of cum shot into my mouth.

I wasn't sure if I liked sucking cock or tasting a guy's cum but I was turned on to Kenny's great looking body. He bent over and started to suck my cock.

"You know what we should call this place?" he looked up to me, "Cock Island!"
We sailed to Cock Island almost every evening.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd love to watch

"I'd love to watch you have sex with my bf." Her fingers tapped my wrist.

"I'll do it if you join us". I looked at her surprised expression.

"Um, well," she hedged, not expecting my proposition.

"You talk it over." I wrote my number on her receipt and took the tray of empty glasses to the bar.

Her bf returned to the table. They talked as if they were arguing but I couldn't make out their conversation over the din. He glanced at me a couple of times as I was filling drink orders. He looked like a college jock who had covered his arms and neck with fresh tats. She was hauntingly pretty, like a goth model for an exotic perfume. They were trying to agree on how to pick up a willing sextoy.

I went to the back room. He followed me and stood in the doorway. I walked over to him. "I'm Dave".

"I'm Mark," he stammered.

"Step into the room." I tapped his shoulder and pulled the door closed. I moved closer to him and looked at his shy expression. I tugged him by the neck. He parted his lips. I kissed him lightly. His eyes were closed. I kissed him again, with a little more force. My tongue found its way into his mouth.

He sighed a low "mmm". My hand went down to his crotch. I could feel his cock pressing up against his pants.

This was too easy for what I thought was a straight guy. If he was bi like me we'd have our clothes off by now and one of us would be going down on the other. "We have to talk." I pulled back.

"OK" . He was reticent to say more. "What about?"

"Your gf wants me to make out with you, you know?" I said. "What do you want?"

"I want to suck your cock". He whispered.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"I want you to fuck me", he said slowly.

Way too easy, I thought, something's not right about this. Normally I wouldn't turn down an open threesome with a hot couple but I had to figure out what they both wanted.  "I'm off in about an hour, can we meet somewhere?"

"Liz has your number", he said, "we'll call you".

Yeah, sure . Game's over. You can go with your tail between your legs. I opened the door. He stepped out when I opened the door. I loaded some cases of beer on the dolly and wheeled it to the bar. They were gone. This wouldn't be the first come-on I'd have. Usually patrons get drunk and start saying ridiculous things they'd later regret when sober. I usually forget what I hear at the bar and move on. I was hoping I'd get a call from one of my regular clients before closing time. My phone rings. "It's Mark," the voice said shyly, "we met at the bar this evening."

"You're the guy with Liz?" I asked to be sure of who it was.

"Yeah", he answered, "we'd like you to come over for drinks tonight."

"Is that all?" I asked. Asking a bartender over for drinks is not much of an invitation.

"We'd...I'd like you to come over and do what we talked about." He wouldn't say that he was inviting me for a hard pounding.

"Is Liz on board with this?" I asked. Usually heterosexual couples have conditions and reservations.

"Yeah, she is. She wants to watch." Mark answered.

"I told her she would have to participate, not watch." I said.

"Oh," he paused, "hold on". I could hear him talking to Liz. If she refuses, then he can trick with me at the bar while I'm cleaning up.

"OK", he spoke into the phone, "she's in".

"By in I take that to mean she has no restrictions?" I asked. I figured they would have some limits and this was a way to figure out what they were.

"Safe Sex, no barebacking", he replied.

"BDSM?" I asked.

"Um, " he stammered, "we do light kink. No pain, watersports, stuff like that".

"Do you have toys?" This was a way to get more specifics.

"We have hand and wrist cuffs, some rope, vibrator..." he paused, "things like that".

"I'll bring my toybag," I answered.

I did my boy-toy cleanup  (enema, shave, shower), added some toys, condoms & a change of clothes in my duffel bag and went to the address Mark gave me. They were in one of the higher floors in a feature-less apartment, almost like an office. Mark showed me in. He explained this was a company apartment for when Liz does her Art Director job in the area. He is her PA.

Mark went into the kitchen to make some drinks. I sat on the couch with Liz and she explained their relationship.  "I hired him for the PA job a few years ago," she explained. "It's a regular job but he accompanies me to wherever I travel and is with me all the time."

"So, " I was slightly curious, "it's just business between you and Mark?"

"No", she answered with a show of pride, "he's my slave, you understand?"

"Yes," I replied even more curious, "I think so."

"He subs to me completely in the bedroom. When we're out in public,  he sets my schedule and takes me places."

"So," I tried to get her to the point, "what do you want from me?"

"I want him to experience forced-bi. He's accepted strap-on and a dildo down his throat." She looked at my expression to see if I would not approve. I smiled. "Now I want him to have the real thing."

Mark, now stripped to his boxer shorts, returned with drinks. He knelt facing Liz's boots. "Lick them," she directed him. He began kissing her boots. After a few minutes, she pulled him up by his ears. She placed a leather collar around his neck and tightened the buckle. She atatched a leash to the collar. "Hands", she ordered him. He stretched his arms toward her and she tightened leather shackles to his wrists.

"Put these on your feet", she handed him the ankle cuffs. He secured them. She tugged on the leash, "Kneel" she commanded him,  "hands behind your back".  She used the small hogtie chain set to secure his wrists to his ankles. She pulled a purple dildo out and said, "open". He opened his mouth and she slid the device into his throat.

"You see, " she turned to me, "he's a good cocksucker!"