Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skip the World Series and eat strawberries

It surprised me when I learned that the home team was playing in the world series of US baseball.

Sarah does not want to install a television at the bar. Since it was the World Series,  she relented and borrowed one for tonight's game. Most of the patrons gathered near the screen to watch the teams play.

Mary and I cleaned up. When she was done she turned to me and said, "Dave, run my bath for me"

My first reaction was to protest since it was still early in the evening and I might be needed at the bar. I held my tongue and looked at Sarah.

"Since it's pretty slow here," she said to us, "you can go upstairs but I want Dave to close up tonight".

"Deal", I said. Mary tossed her apron and we rushed upstairs. 

Bathing Mary is a ritual we do together. I wait on her hand and foot, literally washing her body from her feet to her hair, kneeling at the side of the tub. Tonight she had other things in mind.

"Let's do some fisting," she suggested.

"Me to you, or you to me?" I asked.


I'm often asked if I play with Mary as a master or a slave by those who don't know us well. My answer is "both".

The ones familiar with the BDSM world will further ask:  "do you switch?"

"I guess we 'switch'", I reply.

"Oh," they'll say, "sometimes you're the top and sometimes she's the top?"

"Not exactly. We 'top' and 'bottom' in the same session".

Tonight was like that. I was first up. I laid face down on the bed and Mary began flogging my back and legs. After I was "warmed" up, she spanked my butt with a leather paddle. She lubed her fingers and inserted them in me. She felt my prostate and asked, "how does it feel?"

"You're right on my g-spot" I told her. She worked at it with one hand while digging into my back with her nails. Once I was fully opened up, she attached a large dildo to her strap-on. She grabbed my shoulders and thrust the plastic cock deeper until it was in as far as it would go. When she pulled back, it made a popping sound. She rocked back and forth, plunging the dildo in and out. The base of the dildo aroused her when it pressed on her mound with her thrusts.

It was my turn. I wound leather strips around her wrists and attached them to the the corners of the bed. I wrapped a blindfold over her eyes. I started to play rough with her body, biting, pinching and slapping from her neck to her thighs. I wrapped straps on her ankles and raised her legs as I attached them to the rings on the bedposts. I flogged her opening, starting with the sides and working into the center. I inserted my fingers and began swirling them around as I opened her pussy. When I could get my hand in, I found her g-spot and began stroking with one hand as I rubbed her clit lightly. She began to moan as she tried to push off the bed. Little spurts of fluid squirted from her.

When we finished, I started her bath and led her to the tub. I tickled her toes as I lathered her feet with the soapy washcloth. I gripped her legs and slid the cloth up her legs to her crotch.

"Would you like me to shave them tonight?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied, "do everything".

I shaved her legs up to her mound and raised each leg, clearing the hairs around her butt and pussy. In a short time her short blond hairs were gone from her legs and nether region.

"I'm going to start your hair". She slid deeper into the tub as I ran the water over her hair. I  lathered some shampoo in my hands and gave her a head massage. 

I rinsed the soap off her head and combed her hair.

When we were done, she stood up and leaned on me as I toweled her off. I guided her feet into the slippers and led her to bed. She slipped into the covers.

"Bring me some wine and something to eat" she said.

I brought her a glass of wine and a bowl of strawberries with some yogurt. We made small talk as I knelt on  the side of the bed.

"Would you like some?," she asked.

"yes," I replied, not trying to sound too eager. 

She dipped a strawberry in the yogurt and opened her legs. She stuck the treat at the opening of her pussy. "Hands behind your back, " she ordered, "come and get it".

I slipped in between her legs as she led my head to the spot. I licked the yogurt off the strawberry, and laved her lips.

"Mmmm", I said.

"Would you like more?"

"Yes, please", I said. She giggled at how delighted I was to eat her strawberries this way. I like Mary a lot and it is an honor to serve her. I never take her for granted.  When I'm with Mary like this, I'm also considering her primary relationship with Sarah. I often feel I'm warming Mar for her evening with Sarah. If I go too far, there may be jealousy. If I do nothing, Mar becomes insecure and upset. Some friends experienced in poly relationships suggest we should meet and discuss these issues. Our relationship evolved from a "V": I was 'tight' with Mar, and Sarah was also 'tight' with her but I wasn't intimate with Sarah. In time, Sarah and I have been getting to know one another and testing our levels of intimacy. Sarah separated from Jeff, the previous bar owner, before she met me. She's reluctant to get too close to another guy for now. The bdsm stuff Mar and I do also made her feel squicky at first, but she's now accepting most of it and trying some things with Mar and I.

Maybe we should talk about our feelings more thoroughly. For now,  Mar and Sarah have agreed on our rituals and that's how it works out for us. It's a delicate balancing act I perform to keep the two women in my life happy.

I dressed and returned to the bar.  Sarah was watching the game with the patrons. She looked me over. She saw the scratches on my chest that the leather vest didn't cover. She sniffed me and recognized the smell of Mary's pussy on my face.

"Did you eat strawberries?," she asked.

"Yes, " I replied, "they were tasty".

"Good, " she said, smiling, "I think I'll go up and try some myself".

I knew Mary would be waiting for her.

"Enjoy!" I told her as I joined the patrons and watched the rest of the game.