Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice and the Spirit

A man's spirit often drifts aimlessly like a paper bag in the wind. It goes forward one time but when the winds shift it blows back the next time. If he's lucky, he finds a partner who senses his spirit is adrift and sets it on a course with them. Usually someone finds him attractive but they don't know why. Chances are a prospective partner might not see a man's spirit and cannot help it. But there may be someone who can.

Holly was such a person. Maybe it was from her part Ohlone Indian background that she could read a persons spirit, or it was her acute sensitivity to people's emotions. She had been thinking about Dave before he called her that morning. He didn't seem to have a purpose other than to come over and hang out with her.

"You can help me gather fresh pine needles for our Solstice rite", she suggested. He warmed to her but hesitated to ask for more detail. They agreed on a time to meet at her house that afternoon.

They went into the Presidio, the former army base turned into a national park. They walked under a  large stand of tall pine trees.  Holly and Dave collected fresh branches of needles in their shoulder bags. Pagans used greenery to welcome the new year. 

When they reached a bluff that looked out on the Golden Gate they stopped. The sun was setting in it's southernmost position of the horizon. The famous bridge was beginning to glow an orange-gold. He turned toward Holly, her cheeks were glowing a warm red from the brisk walk up the hill. He moved toward her and took her in his arms and kissed her.

A kiss was his way of telling her something when he was a loss for words. She sensed his mood.

She advanced the next kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Yes, she was a "shameless whore", living with one young guy, her Tom, and flirting with an even younger guy. Dave liked her advances. He opened his mouth and sucked her tongue slightly, suggesting to her what he would like to do with her tender little pussy.

She caught his thoughts and became more curious. "Well," she broke away as she looked into his eyes, "are you up for it?"

"Yes," he said as they sat on a log and looked out toward the sunset. He fell silent.

"You want to tell me something?" she asked.

He lifted his hooded sweatshirt and the teeshirt underneath. "Check this out" he pointed toward the emblem. It was a small triskelion that had been cell-popped onto his thigh.

"How'd you get that? Was it Mary? Or, Jane?" Holly inquired. She knew someone had inserted the hundreds of needle jabs deep to his skin, burning his skin with searing little holes in the image of the BDSM icon.

"It was Em, the Fire Witch," he told her as if she knew the Domme that he had recently taken up with. San Francisco is a small town and people get to know almost everyone in the BDSM community.

"Is she a Witch with a coven?" Holly asked.

"Not sure," Dave replied. "She's called the Fire Witch because of her skills in fire play. I've been trying to figure out if she's Wiccan".

"And you like her?" Holly asked.

"Yes, much, " he replied. She looked at his expression and sensed his passion. She also noticed his confusion, his being adrift since Jane released him.

Although he was not much of a Witch, he sensed her recognition of his state. "But I want to stay with the Coven".

"We're not thinking of replacing you," she joked. "Are you joining us in the Solstice rite tonight?"

"Will you have me?" His plaintive voice did not disguise how much he wanted to be accepted by the Coven, to be given a new chance. He knew how the  members felt about singles, how unattached members broke the neutralized symmetry that the group preferred. Still, it wasn't entirely his fault that Jane left  him to go with a more attractive guy closer to her age. Although he hadn't attended any Pagan rituals since the summer Solstice, he had been with the other couples, Eric and Sara, Lisa and Goeff and Tom and her.

Holly would be pressed to argue that she didn't enjoy the many evenings Dave had been with Tom and her, how she delighted in beating her "boys" and having them service her in bed for the rest of the night. "You should come with us tonight," she said. "We'll have a surprise for you."

They walked back in the twilight toward the warm glow of the lights in the windows of the houses that lined the edge of the park. Holly had been Dave's "first" . She had introduced him to BDSM practices slowly, getting him to acknowledge his fantasies about being dominated and building up his trust in her. She began with one of his hands tied to a post as she tickled him. Then both hands were tied with some light flogging. Eventually he accepted being bound completely to her cross, table or horse as she inflicted pain on his body.

As they walked she learned more about Emerald and how Dave was hesitant to introduce her into the Coven until all the other members had approved. There would be questions about Jane and her roommate, Mary. And what was Dave doing with these women. Questions that Holly did not want to think about because she hoped that the group would continue to accept Dave.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pagan Solstice - Coven Rite

Winter Solstice approaches in a day or so. Many Pagans do some kind of ritual that may be personal/public. I was taken in by a Wiccan Coven after rejection by my "Christian" family (who kicked me out of their home). I agree with many of their beliefs, particularly the Rede which says: "do no harm" and the attunement to the earth. I would like to become more involved but because of my "Christian" heritage and my gun-shy fear of religion, I am hesitant and have doubts.

OK, maybe I'll never become a Witch (my year + 1 day from my initiation is almost up), or at least not a good one. But I do like the Coven and, in particular, their rituals. Solstice will be no exception.

This Solstice we will probably watch the sunset, make a fire at the beach if the weather allows (it is usually windy & foggy here in SF) and then return to Holly's dungeon. From here on I would describe our BDSM rituals, so for those who are squeamish about the topic, maybe proceed to the conclusion?

In this Coven the women are more connected to the Wicca and are considered the priestesses. Men could advance but the guys in this group (partners of the women) are like me: a bit too far from the first rung of the Wiccan ladder. We pay the price for being so daft; we are used as sacrifices to the Dieties.

The rites involve bondage, whipping (pain play), wax play with candles and ritual submission to our partners.

OK, if you're uptight about strange religious practices, or freaked out about the right-wing Evangelical Christian morality, you might want to bail on this post. I have more details of the rituals in my other blog ( .

Well, I have to leave this post for now but I will continue it after the Solstice ritual.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How Much Sex Can You Take - A reply to Dan Savage

"I'm a 20-year-old female college student living with my 23-year-old boyfriend. We've been dating for two years, and our sex life has always been awesome. My boyfriend has a high libido, so high that I can't always get him off when he wants it. He says I don't want to have sex with him, when we have sex probably four times a week and I'm totally happy to give him head, jerk him off, or take off my clothes for him any other time he asks. Whenever we sit down together, he's immediately horny and he gets cranky when I have to say no. Is this a ridiculously high libido? I try to be GGG, and he does the same for me, but I hate feeling guilty about not having sex with him constantly. I've started just telling him to masturbate to porn, and he does it willingly but usually whines a little first about how I "never" want to have sex. Totally false! My body just can't take it every day. What do I do?"

Most of the women I know can't take a good pounding more than this often unless they're pro. That's why it's good to have many  "friends with benefits".

Although Mr. Savage says that guys also can't take that much penetration,  I know men, including me, who can. Some guys get pumped that much (4 times) in a day. I sometimes get saddle-sore after a thorough thrashing from my "Daddy" Paul. Often we go all night at his parent's vineyard and then doze in the sun during the afternoon.

Mar, Ky & Me - a Kinky Threeway

Some people think a threesome is a threesome. Of course it's not. If you stop and think about it, there are many sexual possibilities. Ours is just one of them.

When I first started hooking up with Mar, she and her partner, Janie, would have me orally service them mostly. I didn't penetrate them as they preferred using a small dildo.

During one of the sessions I asked if I could suck the dildo after Jane inserted it in Mar's vag. They said, "sure" and seem delighted. I wasn't surprised because I had seen Mar lick the dildo after she used it in Jane's vag. The three of us are now "fluid-bonded" .

A few days later I was alone with Mar helping her in the kitchen. I was kissing her on the neck as she was stirring pots at the stove. She asked me to peel some carrots and place them on the table. When I finished she motioned me to sit under the table. She sat on the chair and hiked her shirt up. She told me to slip her panties off. I began caressing her thighs as she wriggle a bit.

"Are you hungry," she asked as she pushed my head away from her sex. I said I was starved. She opened her legs and placed some carrot strips on the chair before her. She reached down and widened her lips. She took one of the sticks and inserted it into her vag., swirled it around and slipped it in deeper. She took the carrot out and pointed it to my mouth.  "You can have an appetizer," she said.

I licked the carrot stick and began nibbling it. "Mmm", I said, "I love that sauce!"

She continued rubbing her mound with one hand, inserting more carrots with the other hand and feeding me.

So this was how Mar & I made out when we were alone in the kitchen.

The times when I did penetrate Mar's vag. she sucked me off before I ejaculated.  We would then kiss and she would share the ejaculation and her cum with me.

Ky & I often have sex together in his dorm room after classes. He gets excited when I tell him what I do with Mar. I told him that I'd really like to suck his cock after it had been in her. He seemed enthusiastic about the idea. I mentioned this to Mar and she said she would like to meet Ky.

Mar & I made small talk with Ky at the Student Union. The two of them seemed to get along. She asked if he had any pictures. Ky thumbs through the pics on his smartphone and shows her one he took of himself before a mirror with his cock bulging in his boxer briefs. She said, "Dave told me about something you and he would like to do."

"Yeah," he said, "I'm all for it."

"Well," she said, "I want to see what you two do first."

"OK" we agree.

So we arranged to hook up at Mar's later that day. The three of us stripped to our undies and did some petting on the couch.

"I want to watch Dave and you have sex " she said to Ky.

So I moved next to Ky and started kissing him as I squeezed his nipples. Mar sat on the chair across from us and began rubbing herself.

I started jerking Ky's cock as it became enormous and popped out of his shorts. He did the same to me. We slipped off our undies and laid on our sides on the couch, my mouth was at his cock and his mouth was at mine. We started sucking each other as Mar was rubing her vag. rapidly.

Ky and I edge each other. When he was about to come he pushes me back a little and I give hime time to recover. After a few of these cycles he can go a lot longer. He does the same to me.

Mar comes over to us. She mounts me and we start kissing while Ky mounts her from behind. Eventually he's ready to come so he pulls out of Mar and places his cock before us. We start licking as a heavy stream of his junk lands in our mouth.

"Dave, " Mar said, "It's your turn now".