Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas with Andrei - pt. 4

After a night of endless sex, Andrei woke me up. "C'mon", she said, "we're going to church or you can leave now".

In the morning light Andrei was still attractive to me even without makeup. She was a guy, a shemale, a few years older than I. She loaned me one of her suits and I accompanied her to a local church. Eyes turned when we walked down the aisle. We slid into a pew next to a gay couple she was friends with. After the service we went to a local bakery for brunch. The conversation was chatty like two couples.

When I changed back into my clothes at her flat she asked if I wanted to see her again. I agreed to meet her again and she said, "well, you have my number. I'll see you at the bar, too."

When I got to the bar, Mary had already opened up. She asked how it went with Andy. "Andy?", I asked.

"Yes, you stayed at Andy's place last night, didn't you?"

I told her I stayed with Andrei. Andy was his name before the change. He had been a regular with lots of friends. When he changed to Andrei, many of his friends dropped him. I told her I could accept him either as Andy or Andrei.

Christmas with Andrei - pt. 3

I called Andrei and she let me in her apartment. She lived in the upper floor of a Victorian walkup at the top of a hill in Noe Valley. When I opened the door she told me to strip and fold my clothes into a pile on the floor. She secured a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. "Down on your knees," she commanded, "You're my pup tonight!".

"No", I said as I resisted by starting to wrestle with her. She overcame me and pushed me face down on the floor. She tied my hands behind my back and attached a spreader bar to my knees. She inserted a metal hook in my butt and attached it to a rope that was hanging from an eyehook in the ceiling. She yanked the rope and had my butt suspended in the air.

"You're mine tonight", she said as she penetrated every opening with her huge cock.

Christmas with Andrei - pt. 2

Andrei left with her entourage at closing time. I quickly placed the crairs on the table and mopped the floor and called her. "Come on over," she said, "and bring some wine". I toted a couple of small champagne samplers and walked toward her apartment.

The lights of a church were on and I could hear singing as I approached it. It was Christmas eve. I went inside and stood at the rear of the church. The pews were completely filled out with families, couples both gay and straight. They held the small song book and sang "Oh Come all Ye Faithful". For a brief moment I forgot my lonliness and misery from breaking up with Jane and realized there was more to life than my little drama.

Christmas with Andrei - pt. 1

I was working with Mary at the bar Christmas eve. They had karoake of old campy christmmas tunes and then some of the "ladies" decided to perform an impromptu strip show on the bar. Andrei caught my eye. She had a white sequinned tight dress with a red glittery boa wrapped around like the garland on a christmas tree. Slowly she took off the boa and swung it in the air. She bent over and asked me to unzip her dress. It fell on the bar when she stood up. She was wearing a push-up bra, a sheer bikini and white stockings held up by a garter belt around her waist. Slowly she took off articles of her clothes and flung them into the hooting .  She pushed down her panties and revealed a tiny sequined cock-sock  that was holding her bulging package.  The crowd hooted and whistled loudly as Andrei pranced up and down the bar. Some of the patrons stuffed paper money into her g-string. At the end of the music, she slipped the g-string off and kicked it into the crowd as her huge schlong popped out. I was so taken by the size of her cock that I dropped the glass on the floor.

I retreived a tablecloth from the store room and wrapped it around Andrei and helped her off the bar. She gathered her clothes and dressed herself in the loo. When she sat at the table she ordered a round of drinks for her friends who joined her. I returned with the drinks and set them on the table by her friends. I served her by kneeling by her side and holding the tray. Her gloved hands caressed my face as she took the glass. She said, "you're a sweet boy. Do you want to spend the night with me?"

I agreed. She wrote her cell on my arm and told me to call her when I was done with my shift.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mary's property

When I came home from work, Mary met me at the door.

"We have to talk," she said. "Jane has decided to take Zev as hers."

"I know" I said as I listened to the muffled sounds of Jane beating her new boy-toy. "How do you feel," I asked her.

She started to cry. "No one has ever asked me how I feel."

breakup - pt. 3 - new boy-toy

Jane is a lifestyle and a pro domme. We have an arrangement that I manage her appointments with clients and clean her dungeon and do other activities as her primary male slave. Her clients leave at the end of their sessions. Only a few have asked her if they could stay. One of these was Zev. He wanted to be kept in a cage over night. Eventually his overnights became extended stays as Jane introduced him into the lifestyle. She spent many evenings with him tied on her bed while she clutched his cock and whacked his thighs & chest with her crop. She would let him sleep on the floor chained to her bed.

In the evenings I usually kneel before Jane and we talk. She told me she was going to make Zev her primary for a little while and that I was free to leave or continue as Mary's slave.

One door closes; another opens - breakup pt. 2

Mary insisted I take the part time position at the pan-sexual bar she works at least to fill in for the guy who was taking time off during the holiday. I was a back bartender. I fetched cases of beer and wine from the store room and cleaned party gravy and cleared tables. I was in my tight jeans with the rips at the butt, and a tee-shirt with the bar's logo. One time I bent over to clean up some litter from the floor and some guy stuffed a dollar bill into my shorts. The other patrons saw this and laughed. Soon they were dropping napkins and beckoning me to pick up. I liked the extra money and thought there was no harm in flirting with the patrons.

Mary called me through the din of the laughter and told me to go to the back room. I asked her what I should bring and she said: "just go there".

A young guy followed me into the store room and told me he wanted to blow me. He dropped to his knees and unzipped my jeans. I knew how to play from my rent boy days. I held his head and guided  my cock into  his mouth and told him to breathe through his nose and start swallowing as I thrust past his gag reflex.

I began to understand that my job was more than carrying supplies from the store room and cleaning toilets & tables. 

why did we break up?

Don't know for sure but I remember when Kyle came over for some play. We usually get into the mood by watching a DVD of some bisexual bdsm with two guys and one woman. Although he brought a stack of dvds, we started off before the first one ended. It was his turn to tie me up and have some rough sex, going deep. Mary walked in on us while Kyle was thrusting. She often does this and we're cool about it. She sat in a chair and started fingering herself. She's watching us and the video of the threesome that is still playing. We usually end it by kissing & sucking Mary at both ends the way she likes.

How it started

The posts in this blog are my loose, unedited notes. I started this to end my writing block. My other blog, Dave's Extended Family, was too formal and based on my association with two women. I just broke up with one of the women. Jane decided to take on a new boy-toy as her primary male. Now I'm demoted to a secondary slave status but I'm still close to her partner, Mary. Thus our triad is now a 2+1 relationship and the initial premise of the original blog is no longer in effect.