Monday, December 10, 2012

You always hurt the one you love

If you want to receive corporal punishment [CP] from your future partner, consider your limits. CP is like playing with fire. If you're careful, it can be warm and exciting. But if you're not careful about how you relate to your partner, there can be real pain.

Jake talks about a real punishment in his post :

she swung [the cane] so hard that the first stroke hit me in my lower back, right on the bone. Normally, the first few I can bear, but this was a whole new kind of pain, and I involuntarily shot up like a rocket and let out a prolonged wail

Well, you didn't think all those pain toys were just for fun, did you?

Paradoxically, your partner might not hurt you too much because she loves you. But she might arrange for someone else to punish you severely if you screw up.  

Yes, it depends on the nature of  your relationship.